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“Be Scared of That Guy”- Joe Rogan Warns About $600 Million Google CEO & Shareholder on His Podcast

Published 05/23/2022, 1:26 PM EDT

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The UFC color commentator, Joe Rogan, is very popular because of his podcast show. ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ racks up whopping views for almost every episode. On the show, Rogan discusses many interesting topics with guests, which are very different from the mainstream media.

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Rogan is a big fan of conspiracy theories and the hidden realities of the modern world. Many times, he has discussed how big companies like Google and Facebook are not what they seem like in the front. On his show, he has revealed a glimpse of what the seemingly uglier side of these corporations looks like.

In a recent episode with former navy seal and author Jack Carr, Joe Rogan gave a warning to his viewers. Rogan and Carr were having a discussion on quantum computers and a picture of the Google CEO pulled up on the screen.


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Rogan saw the CEO, Sundar Pichai, and he said, “That’s the Google guy. Be scared of that guy. Look at him. With this, I will run every loose finger. Class together.” (Rogan imitates)

Joe Rogan was referring to quantum computers, which are extremely futuristic and powerful machines, only available to a few powerful people. His guest, Jack Carr has mentioned them in his upcoming book, for which he did a lot of research.

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Carr hinted that he found quite a bit of unsettling evidence against google while doing this research. While speaking to people to get information, many told him that if they tell him more, it would put his book in the science fiction category, which he found quite scary.

Joe Rogan on Google spying on us


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In an episode of his podcast show, Rogan discussed a very eerie instance with the public. He spoke about how he thinks big data companies are spying on us and listening to our conversations without permission.

Rogan said,” I’ve heard people tell me that they were having conversations on the phone with someone and then what they were talking about showed up in their Google ads on their laptop. How does that work? Are they listening constantly?.. Isn’t that a little fu**ing obvious?


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What are your thoughts on the story shared by Joe Rogan? Do you think renowned firms are secretly spying on us? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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