“Beat That A**”: Stipe Miocic Predicts a Grim Night for Jon Jones Ahead of Their Fight at UFC 295

Published 07/16/2023, 2:47 AM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

The current UFC Heavyweight kingpin, Jon Jones, declared his next target right after his UFC 285 victory over Ciryl Gane. In his post-fight interview with the famed UFC color commentator Joe Rogan, ‘Bones’ revealed that he wanted “all the smoke” from Stipe Miocic, the former UFC heavyweight kingpin and one of the greatest Heavyweights of all time.

After some initial delay, it was the UFC supremo, Dana White, who confirmed the coveted bout between Miocic and Jones a few days back. Since then, this highly touted bout scheduled as the main event of UFC 295 has been the center of discussion at multiple MMA community gatherings. Recently, the media house ‘TMZ Sports’ also got in touch with ‘The Silencer’ Miocic, who gave out an eye-popping prediction for his upcoming bout against ‘Bones’.

Stipe Miocic had an NSFW prediction for his bout against Jon Jones


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The ‘TMZ Sports’ reporter sparked a discussion about the coveted Miocic vs Jones bout after labeling it the No.1, most-requested fight on the planet”. He continued the topic with a question for Miocic.You’ve been away from the octagon for a bit. How’s the body feeling? You feel rested up? You coming at the fight with a different mindset or how are you feeling?”


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‘The Silencer’ replied, Yeah man! It’s been nice. I’ve been training, feeling good and listening to my body as you get older”. Most UFC fans might agree that Miocic’s dedication to the sport is quite commendable, even though he is approaching 41 currently. Still, Miocic gave out a rather grim prediction about how his bout against ‘Bones’ would look like. ‘Stone Cold’ mentioned, But from my side, I’m still gonna walk into my thing and beat that a**[of Jon Jones]”.

Miocic’s fans might get severely pumped up by such a statement from their beloved star. His words will fuel them to believe they are going to see their star gaining a victory in this coveted bout.

But looking at the prowess that ‘Bones’ has shown over the years in the UFC. It might be agreed that a win over Jones is nowhere going to be easy for Miocic.

Stipe Miocic was yet to realize Jon Jones’ quality as a Heavyweight

Most in the UFC world are familiar with Jones’ superb fight IQ. It won’t be wrong to say that ‘Bones’ always has an answer to whatever situation might arise in a bout. Miocic also presented a similar opinion when the TMZ reporter questioned him about ‘Bones’. He said, “But, I mean, he’s Jon Jones man. He’s gotta have a lot of tricks up his sleeves. He’s so good, he’s a veteran and he knows what to do.” 

But ’40-year-old’ also expressed his doubt about ‘Bones’s’ prowess at Heavyweight since his last bout at UFC 285 didn’t really test his skills.His last fight really didn’t go that long, so it’s really hard to judge”, said Miocic.


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Do you think ‘Bones’ has enough to prove Miocic’s prediction wrong? Or do you think ‘Stone Cold’ will eventually manage to materialize it?



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