Ben Askren Reacts as 500-Pound Male Fighter Gets Destroyed by 140-Pound Female Fighter

November 29, 2020 7:29 am

Freakshow fights are not uncommon in the landscape of MMA and some might argue that these were the very foundation of early events. However, a recent bout for ‘Our Business’ in Russia has turned heads in ways few believed was possible. A cross-gender clash between 139 lbs Darina Madzyuk and 529 lb Grigory Chistyakov is arguably the most extreme case.

Cross-gender bouts are rarely sanctioned from commissions at the highest level, as fighter health and safety comes into question. However, it would appear that a nearly 400-pound weight difference wasn’t enough to deter the female MMA fighter. Darina Madzyuk would earn a stoppage victory over her oversized adversary in what is the talk of the town in MMA.

There’s no doubt however that a bout of this nature wouldn’t come to pass through commissions like NSAC and CSAC. Not to mention, UFC President Dana White‘s live reaction to the bout would be a sight to see.

“WTF is even going on in Russia”- Ben Askren

The bout itself was bizarre from the get-go as the 529-pound fighter lumbered towards Madzyuk tentatively behind a jab. His imposing size would allow him to cut off the cage early and box in his opponent moments from the bell. What’s more, his early pressuring success didn’t last long as he was already on route to being finished.

Darina Madzyuk made the most of some distance that was created and began sending out laser-sharp punches. The crisp shots began visibly tagging her comically large opponent, who began withering under the pressure. Grigory Chistyakov tapped to strikes moments after landing on the canvas and he now has a standout loss on his record.

Additionally, former UFC welterweight fighter Ben Askren couldn’t hold back on his confusion about the aforementioned viral match-up.

Darina Madzyuk exhibited clear-cut skills in the cage that would translate well to a fair fight against another woman. Although, she clearly showcased that size and weight were merely extraneous factors in the aforementioned bout. Furthermore, she showed a lot of heart early in the fight when getting pressed against the cage by a 529-pound man.

Grigory Chistyakov spoke out following his loss and pledged to start leading a more healthy lifestyle. What’s more, he revealed that a blogger Nastya Tuki-Tuk would be his coach going forward in his career.

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