President Joe Biden, falling off his bicycle, quickly became the talk of the town. UFC color commentator Joe Rogan generally speaks about the latest news on his Spotify podcast, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’. Hence, he spoke about the Biden incident, which happened near the President’s vacation home in the state of Delaware.

Former President Donald Trump had also spoken about it. Now, Rogan shared his thoughts about Biden in episode #1834 and said, “Duncan thinks the Biden that fell off the bike yesterday was a fake Biden.”


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He asked his guest, “Do you think it’s a body double?”

Rogan further said, “Yeah, Biden has nice legs, don’t hate.”

Rogan and his guests watched the video of Biden riding the bicycle and said, “He’s got good legs.” They looked at the incident from two different angles to understand what exactly caused the President to fall. The UFC commentator also provided an explanation for what could have happened.

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“That’s why I’m amazed that he falls down so much, because if you look at his legs, they look pretty sturdy.”

Rogan was of the opinion that Biden falling off his bike was funny. He said, “Like if a 20 year-old guy falls like that, it is not as funny as a 79-year-old guy falling like that.”

Joe Rogan shares Joe Biden meme on Instagram

Joe Rogan had come under UFC fans’ negative attention when he interviewed Conor McGregor post breaking his leg at UFC 264. The incident quickly became a meme.

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Rogan explained it was McGregor who had called him to take the in-ring interview after the fight concluded.


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Thus, Rogan’s picture was clubbed with Biden’s and he was shown interviewing the President after the fall. Further, some of the biggest UFC fighters reacted to it. This included the likes of Donald Cerrone, Marlon Vera, Kamaru Usman, Frankie Edgar, and other MMA fighters.

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Additionally, UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya also liked the meme.

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