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“Big Boy Flopped Like Hell”: Fans in Splits After MMA Fighter Goes Ballistic on a Man at the Gas Station

Published 06/07/2023, 3:40 PM EDT

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A recent video of two men squaring off has made waves on social media. But wait – here’s the twist! One of the guys turned out to be an MMA practitioner – knocking the ‘lights out’ of his opponent. Though street fights and brawls are common these days, it seems rather bizarre that two men would engage in a random fistfight over a verbal argument. And that too, at a gas station! What’s more – the MMA guy ‘slept’ his opponent with a single punch. Fans are in a state of frenzy after the video was posted on Twitter, and chimed in with hilarious comments and sarcastic remarks on the outcome of the altercation.

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Fans react to viral video of the gas station ‘brawl’

In a recent viral video captured at a gas station, an unexpected altercation unfolded between two men. Shared on Twitter by ‘Fight Haven,’ the footage has garnered significant attention, showcasing a surprising turn of events. The incident began with a confrontation near the billing counter, quickly spiraling into a physical confrontation. The video footage itself provided ample entertainment for fans. However, the highlight of the incident came when the “big boy” unexpectedly hit the ground.


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As fans chimed in with their reactions, the context of the fight and the identity of the men remained shrouded in mystery. But that did not stop any fans from voicing their reactions.


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Let’s look at some of the most amusing reactions from the fans.

One viewer wittily pointed out that the altercation didn’t quite resemble a standard ‘regulation round.’ Jokingly noting the absence of a traditional man-bun, the comment read, Not a regulation round. Manbun was not visible.”

Another fan humorously questioned why gas stations always seemed to attract such conflicts, saying,

“why are people always fighting at the petro fill up station, just get your snickers bar in peace.”

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An astute netizen took a fair approach, noting,

“To be fair, Mr. MMA’s cauliflower ears were covered by his knit hat so the victim couldn’t assess the threat. 🥊😴”

Another fan offered an ironic observation, advising, “Don’t get into a fight if you gotta hold your pants up🤦‍♂️”

One netizen compared the MMA fighter to a character from the popular game Street Fighter, commenting,

“bro was just sitting there idle like street fighter”

Yet another viewer took a dig at the fallen “big boy”, stating,

“Big boy flopped like hell. Neither punch even touched him”


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Finally, a witty remark brought the humor full circle, with one fan saying,

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“If your first move is to pull up your pants, you’ve already lost.”

The gas station altercation, captured in the viral video, has undoubtedly provided fans with an unexpected source of entertainment. As fans pour in with reactions to the incident – it serves as a reminder of the unpredictable and amusing moments that can occur in everyday life.


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