BJJ G.O.A.T. Gordon Ryan Pushes “Miserable” Rival Craig Jones’ Buttons: “Couldn’t Win a Single Tournament of Note”

Published 03/12/2023, 3:53 AM EDT

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The beef between BJJ G.O.A.T. Gordon Ryan and the B-Team does not seem like it will come to an end anytime soon. The five-time ADCC champion was accused by Nick Rodriguez of using PEDs to perform better on the ground. Ever since then the two have engaged in a back-and-forth verbal war. However, it seems that Ryan is furious against the entire B-Team. Following this bitter relationship with Rodriguez, Ryan then shifted to throw his jabs at the Jiu-Jitsu coach of Alexander Volkanovski, Craig Jones.

Initially, both Jones and Ryan shared a wonderful friendship, but time brought many disagreements between the two. Jones publicly made jokes about the BJJ black belt, Ryan. Undoubtedly, this didn’t go well for him. In the recent Instagram story of “The King,” took a jab at Jones for not being able to achieve victory in a single notable tournament in years. Furthermore, the submission grappler conveyed through a meme that Craig Jones’ focus is on trolling Ryan and not winning a major tournament.

Gordon Ryan mocks Craig Jones for not having any remarkable win


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Gordan “King” Ryan recently posted a story on Instagram about Craig Jones. He wrote, “I had be miserable too if I spent 5 years in a room doing the same thing as everyone else and still could not win a single tournament of note.” He shared a meme along with his caption. In the meme, Ryan chastised the Australian grappler for mocking him instead of focusing on his own career.

It is definitely not the first time the two are bringing out the beef between them in public. Last month, in an interview with the Club Good Podcast, the Australian athlete mentioned that it’s tough to beat Ryan as there won’t be any time limit.


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He even went on to say that he is not really an athlete, but it is all technique. Followed by this, Ryan called out Jones for being a coward.

The bitter rivalry between the two


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Last month, the 27-year-old took to Instagram to post a video of Jones’ Submission Underground 17 match against Mason Fowler. Under the video, the American wrestler wrote, The guy who “wants to compete” against me (who just declined a match against me for ufc fight pass btw) is 0-3 against me and has 3 losses via sub against me. AND LITERALLY TAPPED TO A BACK HEAD AND ARM. If you think this quitter, coward, fu** has any shot of ever beating me than you’re just as d*** as the people who think nicky fraud is a lifetime natty.” Their recent remarks make it clear that the two are not going to end their rivalry anytime soon.

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