Breaking: Georges St-Pierre Opens Up on His Partnership With O2 For Advanced Face Masks

October 8, 2020 7:49 pm

UFC has battled every adversary of COVID-19 and has been one of the few sports organizations to lead their events amid the pandemic and global lockdowns. From securing the venues to thorough medical testings, UFC has done its best to beat the coronavirus pandemic.

While they have already registered some of the most successful events in the span, they are also active in ensuring their fighter’s safety. That said, Georges St-Pierre has teamed up with O2 industries to produce advanced face masks for the fighters.

While they are already sporting the TR-2 masks, UFC’s official face mask sponsors are looking to update their recent versions. GSP has revealed some interesting insight into it in a recent interview.

Georges St-Pierre is still caring for the active UFC contenders

While speaking with ESPN, GSP explained why MMA is one of the most affected sport because of the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19. Joining hands with O2 industries, the welterweight great said that it is a significant step for ensuring athlete’s safety.

He said, “It’s top-quality they work with the US, and Canadian forces and I am working with them to develop a sport performance respirator because of COVID a lot of sports especially in martial arts, where in close contact it’s impossible to keep social distancing, so we are working on developing a sports performance respirator that could be used for every athlete in any sport.”

Meanwhile, UFC fighters are already sporting the TR-2 face mask. They were also used in the Fight Island events. However, GSP claims the coming ones to be far better.

He added, “This one is coming out soon, so we are working on it. The one on fight island is the TR2, but now this one is gonna be easier to put on. Its gonna be better, more efficient for fighters.”

That said, UFC medical team and trade team are putting a superior performance on display. Coming across so many fights since COVID-19, UFC knows how to beat the pandemic. They have just added so extra armor by working on the advanced face masks and bringing in GSP in the team.

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