“Bro Whipped Out the Grilling Shoes”- Fans Pick on Joe Rogan’s $64.97 Worth Shoes While $200M Worth Podcaster Enjoys BBQ With Marshall Rogan

Published 06/07/2023, 3:18 AM EDT

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Joe Rogan‘s adoption and promotion of the carnivore diet have been topics of interest and discussion among his fans and the broader community. A carnivore diet is a dietary approach that involves consuming exclusively animal-based foods while eliminating all plant-based foods from one’s diet. Joe Rogan has openly shared his personal experience and positive results with the carnivore diet on various platforms, including his podcast. He claims that this diet has helped him improve his overall health, increase his energy levels, and enhance his physical performance.

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Rogan often emphasizes the benefits he has observed, such as weight loss, reduced inflammation, and improved mental clarity. Rogan recently shared a post related to the carnivore diet. As a part of following the diet. The UFC commentator posted a video where he was grilling. The video caught the attention of netizens as it featured Rogan’s Nike shoe and his pet dog, Marshall Mae Rogan.

Fans notice Rogan’s shoes and his pal


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The 55-year-old never forgets to share updates on his carnivore diet on his social media handle. Recently, Rogan shared a video where he was grilling the meat. Along with this, Rogan also pampered his pet, Marshall. Under the video, the podcaster wrote, “Summer grilling with my pal @mashallmaerogan #carnivorediet“. In the video, the JRE podcaster’s shoe was visible. Fans soon found out that it was the Nike Air Monarch IV, popularly known as Nike Dad shoes.

The shoe is worth $64.97. Fans soon came to the conclusion that Rogan was one of them. The Fear Factor host’s podcast is worth $200 million. Hence, fans were quite shocked to see him wearing the shoe. Some of the fans also noticed Rogan’s pal, Marshall. They loved how Marshall stood with Rogan through the grilling. Fans already love watching the videos of Rogan’s dog. There is an Instagram account where Rogan posts pictures and videos of Marshall. It is quite surprising that the page has more than seven lakh followers.


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Check out how fans reacted to the post

Most of the fans mentioned Rogan’s shoe.

“Bro wearing the dad force 1s”

“Bro whipped out the grilling shoes”

“Not the monarchs Joe”

“You got the shoes to match the grill”

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The shoes are proof he’s one of us


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Few fans mentioned Rogan’s dog.

“Grilling with your dog out and your dong out nice”

“He’s like…hey uh, just checkin in, anything cool going on?”


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From the reactions of the fans, it is clear that they were surprised to see Rogan wearing the shoes and chilling with his dog.

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