“Bros Gonna End Up Like Antonio Brown” – Conor McGregor & Fans Shocked by “New Heavy Weight Champion” in a Slap Fight Promotion

Published 01/17/2023, 9:15 AM EST

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UFC megastar Conor McGregor has made yet another wave on social media as he took to Twitter to congratulate the new RXF heavyweight slap-fighting champion. Slap-fighting has quickly grown into one of the most exciting new combat sports among fans. However, UFC middleweight fighter Derek Brunson took a jibe at McGregor‘s congratulatory tweet.

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The RXF heavyweight slap-fighting bout showed the champion, Sorin Comsa, taking some serious blows to his face. His face was swollen at the end of the fight. A video of the champion’s swollen face went viral on social media. The video showed the fans how brutal slap-fighting can be.


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The swollen face didn’t seem to stop Comsa from continuing the fight. He went on to win the bout. As a result of the skill and technique displayed by the fighters, as well as McGregor‘s endorsement, this unique combat sport is gaining popularity and respect. However, this clip has led to slap-fighting getting more criticism from fans and critics as Derek Brunson reacted to Conor McGregor‘s tweet.

Fans React to the viral clip of the swollen face of Sorin Comsa

‘ESPN Ringside’ posted the video of the RXF slap-fighting heavyweight champion’s injured and swollen face. It was captioned: “This is WILD.” It did not go unnoticed by the masses. The fans could clearly see the aftermath of the fight and reacted to the clip.


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here are some of the reactions from Instagram users:


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  • Nothing about this is entertaining whatsoever.
  • He was swollen before the fact. I’m not sure why he allowed him to hit him again. The competition was over. Now you gotta go to the hospital.
  • It gotta be a better way to earn a living… UPS is Hiring
  • This is the dumbest activity
  • We are just days away from pro nut kicking
  • CTE has entered the chat….
  • Bros gonna end up like Antonio brown

Fans went berserk in the comments sections and mentioned that slap fighting wasn’t entertaining at all. They believe that there are better alternatives to combat sports than slap fighting as it requires no skill and talent. Fans believe that this kind of sport could only end up damaging the brains of the competitors.

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Slap-fighting has become so popular that UFC president Dana White has also kicked-started his own promotion, Power Slap. This sport has gained a lot of traction, but there are many people who don’t seem to be a fan of it.

Derek Brunson asks Conor McGregor if he was “paid” for the tweet

Many people believe that the former double champion trolled the slap-fighting promotion due to the graphic nature of the video. McGregor tweeted: “Absolutely gorgeous technique congrats the new heavy weight champion.” Meanwhile, Derek Brunson asked a rather straightforward question to the Irishman and tweeted: “How much did you get paid to say this.”


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Brunson fought his last UFC fight at UFC 271, which took place almost a year ago. But he has been active on social media as of late. Conor McGregor also expressed his opinion about being interested in the slap-fight sport last year in a Twitter rant. He mentioned that he has grown interested in the new combat sport and termed it as ‘good quality clatters.’


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What are your thoughts on slap-fighting? Drop your comments below.

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