“Bubble Gut From High HGH Abuse” – Joe Rogan’s Dire Health Concern Flares Up as Fans Worry About UFC Commentator

Published 04/15/2024, 11:33 PM EDT

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Joe Rogan’s bubble gut is in the spotlight again! The 250-million-dollar Spotify podcast’s host is an ardent fitness enthusiast and a martial arts practitioner. As such, he takes supplements and undergoes rigorous training to stay fit. One such supplement he uses is HGH (Human Growth Hormone), which seems to have given him a bubble gut (a condition called Palumboism). But this isn’t news. What’s news is how much Rogan’s figure has changed since the last time fans took notice!

During UFC 300 a photo of Joe Rogan alongside Daniel Cormier, Megan Olivi, and Jon Anik caught the attention of the MMA community. From the looks of it, seems like Rogan was suffering from an HGH overdose as his body posture was a bit weird with his gut looking increasingly large and rounded out.

The million-dollar podcaster has time and time again asserted that he uses HGH at minimal levels approved by his doctors. However, it seems like the doses might not be what Rogan says. During one of his podcast episodes, Rogan revealed that he currently uses a dosage of one international unit (IU) of HGH per day. This dose falls within the therapeutic range and is not considered excessive.


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Way back in 2011, Rogan said, “I took a lot of different stuff,” Rogan said. “Now, I take human growth hormone and testosterone. I go for hormone replacement therapy. I don’t need more [testosterone]. It’s a very light dose. The testosterone is cream. It’s healthy. It does wonders for your body.”

He has further emphasized that his annual dosage will not have any impact on his health, but the pictures tell a different story. Nonetheless, the MMA community has taken cognizance of the situation, and it seems like the fans are concerned now.

“Organs enlarging…” MMA community worries about Joe Rogan’s health

A high usage of ‘HGH’ has dire consequences on the human body. According to medical researchers, high usage of human-growth-hormone can trigger some abnormalities in the human body alongside carpal tunnel syndrome, increased insulin resistance and/or Type 2 diabetes,  swelling in your arms and legs (edema), joint and muscle pain, enlargement of breast tissue (gynecomastia) in people assigned male at birth, and increased risk of certain cancers.

As such fans rallied to Reddit to ask questions about Rogan’s condition after the images from UFC 300 surfaced. Some of the comments by the fans are as follows:-

Starting off, a fan began the conversation by accusing Joe Rogan of abusing his HGH dosage – “Organs enlarging from high.”According to a Harvard University research adults who are GH deficient get larger muscles, more energy, and improved exercise capacity from replacement therapy. Hence, this raises the question of whether something similar is happening with Rogan.


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Rogan has emphasized that this dosage is not likely to cause hyperglycemia, insulin resistance, or other negative side effects associated with high-dose HGH usage. But a fan observed that Joe Rogan has been looking uncomfortable for a long time now and his HGH dosage might be the reason for his worsening health. Their comment went, “NAGL It’s looked like this for many years now tbh I’ve noticed it on episodes from his podcast since way before he moved it to Texas.”

Apart from using HGH, Rogan has also admitted to the use of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). On the JRE, he has said, “[TRT] makes a big difference. It’s real simple. If you’re fine with not feeling good—good! If you’re not fine with it, hormone replacement therapy exists for a reason, and that reason is it makes you feel way better.”

A user also believed thought the use of HGH may be a reason for this odd appearance, “Looks like HGH stomach. Human growth hormone has lots of benefits but the downside is it makes organs bigger, and that’s why a lot of body builders stomachs look like that.”


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Meanwhile, another fan had a more logical approach to the whole thing. Their comment read, “Looks to me to be two things; Bubble gut from hgh abuse He’s simultaneously sucking in his stomach, keeping his hips back, leaning his top half forward, while pushing out his chest. Sort of a pseudo influencer pose. Fat dudes do this all the time. Not sure why Rogan is pulling it off.” It could be possible that Rogan was leaning way too forward which accentuated some features of his body.

Joe Rogan has yet to comment on whether there are any concerning health issues or if was he actually sucking in his stomach. Do you believe that the podcaster is going through some issues due to HGH dosage? State your thoughts in the comments below.


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