Joe Rogan vs. health experts on TRT—who do you trust more with your health advice?

UFC veteran commentator Joe Rogan is in his late 60s, but his physical health and build are no less impressive than those of an MMA fighter. While credit is due to his dedication and hard work in his exercise routine and strict diet, he has also been open about incorporating scientific methods such as TRT therapy and other techniques.

And now, exercise scientist Dr. Mike Israetel has come forward to shed light on Joe Rogan’s recommended TRT. Israetel, who has a Ph.D. in sports physiology, explores the real science regarding human body mechanisms and diet. From time to time, the Coach points out faults in Joe Rogan’s health and fitness bits of advice.

Exercise scientist challenges Joe Rogan’s TRT advice


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Regardless of a balanced lifestyle, the body changes, resulting in hormone and testosterone levels declining after the late 30s. This happened with Joe Rogan, who felt low in energy later at the age of 40. The podcaster turned to testosterone replacement therapy, progressing to injections, which resulted in a significant boost for him, as he revealed in his previous podcasts.

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In his recent YouTube video on his channel, Renaissance Periodization, Dr. Mike Israetel responded to Joe Rogan’s podcast claim about how to use TRT efficiently. According to Rogan, “You’re supposed to go to a doctor who’s going to test your blood levels, test your nutrient levels, and adjust your diet first.”

To counter the podcaster’s claim, Dr. Israetel said, “BullSh*t! You go to the back of Gold’s Gym. There’s a guy named Phill there. He looks kind of weird, but he’s cool. Trust me. You ask for all his best stuff, pay him in cash, and don’t ever use alcohol swabs or fresh needles. You just right to the chase and do the dumbest thing in the world.” The coach then stopped himself and admitted that Joe Rogan was right.

This isn’t the first time Dr. Mike Israetel has criticized Joe Rogan’s health advice. In the past, the coach has also debunked the famous diet approach used by the podcast and even by some celebrities like Mark Wahlberg.


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Dr. Mike Israetel’s candid take on a trending diet

In today’s social media world, platforms are filled with self-proclaimed fitness and dietary influencers who offer numerous tricks and tips for losing weight and building muscles quickly. One popular piece of advice is intermittent fasting, which involves extended fasting intervals. Several celebrities, such as Joe Rogan and Mark Wahlberg, are known for using this technique.

Intermittent fasting is a diet system where a person eats within a small window during the day, leaving several hours of fasting. This approach is promoted by Joe Rogan, and UFC CEO Dana White has also picked up on his advice.


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In a recent short video on his channel, Dr. Mike Israetel criticized these claims. He said, “It’s all about the calorie deficit and intermittent fasting, there’s no magic about it,” the professor highlights. The coach claims that those who follow intermittent fasting and those who maintain a regular lifestyle enjoy equal health benefits.

However, the coach notes that intermittent fasting is difficult for many. Furthermore, he asserts that in the case of Marl Wahlberg and Joe Rogan, intermittent fasting only helps them stay in shape. Currently, there has been no reply from Joe Rogan to Dr. Israetel regarding criticism of his TRT therapy advice. If he does respond, we will let you know. Stay tuned for further updates.