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“Chopped His Leg” – Molly McCann Describes How She Once Saved a Girl’s Life While Working in Subway

Published 07/01/2022, 11:57 AM EDT

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Molly McCann is on a winning streak in the UFC. With her recent performances, McCann has proved that she can compete with the highest in her division. While fans know her for being a good fighter in the cage, little do they know about Molly McCann once being a hero and saving another girl’s life.

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When McCann appeared on the True Geordie podcast, she shed more light on the incident. McCann said, “I was working in a subway. It was like five in the morning. So I’m like still cutting sandwiches this way, trying to stay awake. And some girl like tries to stumble in. And then this man’s come over to her and put his arm round her.” 


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She further added, “He was a foreign man, his English wasn’t too great, and I knew she was like, she sounded Welsh. So I thought, That’s a bit suss that. So I went ‘Lads what’s her name?’ He went, Who are you? The Bizzies.”

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Such situations are pretty tense to be in. However, the UFC fighter handled the situation well, as she narrated this story further on the podcast.

Molly McCann further describes the action

Molly McCann further spoke about how the man tried to pull the girl out of the shop. While Molly’s friend Samira ran to the back, McCann ran to chase the man. As she got out, the man tried to head kick her, but ‘Meatball’ laid back and chopped his leg. ‘Meatball’ said, “As I’ve run outside, he’s gone to head kick me and I’ve laid back and just chopped his leg.”

She said, “Before the fight’s kicked off, He’s on the phone and rang back up. A few cars have bounced into this road. This is Ramley Street, so this is like Central Liverpool. Five o’clock in the morning, birds tweezing. Do you know when you come out of the nightclub? And you’re like, Woahh!”


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In the meantime, McCann’s mate, Samira, called up the bizzies. She said, “And I’ve come out after a straightener with this lad. He’s f****d off. The bizzies have come in. Locked the shop.” 

It was later revealed that the man had put a drug in her drink in a nightclub and continued to watch her as she moved to the subway. The man’s plan was to get her in his car with bad intentions ahead. However, he was unsuccessful. The police caught the man. It was later revealed the man was an illegal immigrant and got deported. “So, don’t mess with the meatball,” concluded Molly McCann.


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