James Krause is a name that you may see coming up more and more around these days. Now, even Joaquin Buckley has something interesting about him. Krause is currently under $5 million in debt after alleged fight-fixing scandal within the UFC.

Krause has previously been accused of some things that really put him in a negative light in the UFC. He is an ex-MMA coach and now, Buckley, who recently defeated Vincente Luque at UFC Atlantic City, seems to have some news for the fans that might surprise them.

Joaquin Buckley: “I saw James Krause”


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In the light of the recent controversy involving James Krause, perhaps Joaquin Buckley decided to take a jab at things. Because his recent video is either a rather deadpan joke, or complete reality. If it’s the second one, it is highly concerning and perhaps Dana White might just want to step in.

“It’s something that’s been on my mind, something I feel like I gotta get off my chest. You guys know that I had one of the biggest fights of my career this weekend in Atlantic City. A beautiful win. But it’s just, it’s something that I saw, something that I heard that I feel like I gotta confess to the world.”

“After my fight with Vincente Luque, and me getting my hand raised. I seen Vincente. . .in his room, I saw James Krause, I couldn’t hear initial conversation but I seen James Krause hand Vincente Luque a ticket. And when he handed it to him, I could slightly hear him whisper in his ear, ‘you did a good job’. Now I don’t know what this means, I don’t know what the ticket was. But it’s been messing with my head ya’ll”


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Clearly, the fighter looked concerned and if he was acting, he was very good at it. What do you make of the bizarre incident? Fans online began wondering if Buckley was merely making a joke or if he was serious. Perviously, James Crause has been alleged of meddling with his fighter  Darrick Minner.

Investigation by the FBI


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James Krause is now dealing in real estate. However, before that, his betting activities on the MMA scene drew the attention of the authorities. That coupled with the allegation that he interfered in Minner’s first round loss blocked him away from the UFC indefinitely.

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Krause was being investigated by the FBI and UFC CEO Dana White publicly announced how difficult of a position him and the team would be in if the charges were to be proven. He alleged that Krause would likely find himself in a federal prison.


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So far, it looks like his real estate business is doing well. But could there be any truth to Buckley’s allegations? What is your take on it all?

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