Conor McGregor’s Coach Says “Very Wealthy People Approach Me and Saying To Pay $50,000” for This Favor From UFC Icon

Published 03/14/2023, 5:44 AM EDT

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When one thinks of Conor McGregor, the first thing that comes to mind is his energy and charisma. The former UFC double champion has undeniably become one of the most popular athletes in the world of mixed martial arts. Although he stayed out of action for a couple of years due to the injury, he sustained in his last fight against Dustin Poirier, he has never failed to slip out of the headlines. Nevertheless, ‘The Notorious’ has turned to another journey where he is required to coach at The Ultimate Fighter. 

Recently, Owen Roddy and John Kavanagh had a chat with The Mac Life’s Oscar Willis. Without a doubt, the conversations stuck to the ‘Mystic Man’. However, things took an interesting turn as Kavanagh revealed McGregor used to coach at the SBG. Furthermore, he disclosed that there were people who were ready to pay $50,000 dollars for one-on-one classes with McGregor

John Kavanagh talks about the time when Conor McGregor used to coach


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During a recent talk with Kavanagh, Willis asked the SBG coach about the Irish star’s days when he used to coach for him. Kavanagh replied, “Yeah, couple of years here on the, the boxing program and long mile road.” Then, Willis asked the Irish martial arts coach to compare McGregor’s coaching technique. “Compare this Conor coach to that Conor coach,” Willis requested.

Kavanagh replied that he didn’t find any difference in McGregor’s coaching style. However, he didn’t hide the fact that McGregor’s classes were quite popular owing to the fighter’s energy. He said, “His classes were always extremely popular because of the extreme energy he puts into them, you know. We all know it that Conor when he walks in a room he kind of lights it up.”

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Additionally, Kavanagh revealed that there were people who were willing to pay a huge sum of money in order to get one-on-one classes with ‘The Notorious’. He said, “And it’s funny, I just, I actually just today said that I always said, ‘the amount of times I’ve had very wealthy people approach me and saying to pay 50,000 to get a one-on-one lesson with Conor, and I wouldn’t even go to Conor.”

Dana White talks about the TUF 31


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Michael Chandler and McGregor have doubtlessly hyped up the events of TUF 31. However, the UFC president, Dana White, shared his disappointment at the two being disrespectful to each other. Moreover, he also revea0led how things escalated quickly and the two fighters do not like each other now.

 On top of that, White said that he was getting old. Although he would have been at the shoot sooner when he was younger, he revealed that his age didn’t permit him to rush to the site. 


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