Conor McGregor is the man of the hour. While the UFC star is still yet to step back inside the ring since his 2021 shin break, it’s his acting debut that’s doing rounds on the internet. Earlier last year, it was revealed that ‘The Notorious’ will be a big part of Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal’s next movie.

The said film is none other than Road House, a remake of the 1989 movie starring the likes of Kelly Lynch and Patrick Swayze. The story is a modern-day reimagining of the same old story in that there’s a Road House, a bar and club of sorts that needs protecting from the local mafia.

And of course, who better the hire than a former UFC fighter? Interestingly, the UFC fighter, John Dalton is played by Gyllenhaal while McGregor, the actual fighter, plays the bad guy. This role suits ‘The Notorious’ quite well given that he’s the bad guy in the UFC too.


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However, his film debut comes earlier than his return to the cage. In recent times, McGregor put up posters of him and Gyllenhaal on his social media handles promoting the film. These covers made for Total Film are exciting and show interesting shots of all the action happening.

“Roadhouse” starring myself and Jake Gyllenhaal, out March 21st” Conor McGregor wrote in his X post. Clearly, he’s excited for his debut but perhaps even more excited are the fans of the Irishman who have followed his career from the get go. Here are their reactions.

Fans react to Conor McGregor sharing new posters

Fans have been divided about Conor McGregor for a while now. While some have shown great upset given that the Irishman’s return is still shrouded in mystery, others are just happy to see him one way or another. Here’s some of them celebrating his big-screen debut.

“Best movie ive ever seen and I’ve watched titanic”

While some were convinced Conor McGregor can beat the all-time classic, others questioned his career choices.

“Oh you’re an actor now @TheNotoriousMMA? Or is this more of a side “hustle” ?”

“When you actually fighting again legend”

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Yet others gave it big props already.

“Movie of 2024 right here, can’t really wait, jake gyllenhaal is the baddest man on TV.”

Some fans trolled ‘The Notorious’.

“Directors defiantly said Connor, just act yourself”


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Finally, some fans were just pumped.

“Looks awesome!”

“Excited to see you on the big screen!”


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Clearly, Conor McGregor still boasts a large and powerful fanbase to back him up. Now the question is, will the film be as big of a hit as his Octagon performances? It is a remake for sure and has gotten mixed reviews by the looks of the trailer so far. Will you be checking it out in theatres in March?

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