Conor McGregor’s Leaked TUF Footage: Did the UFC Star’s Team Lose Yet Another Fight Against Team Chandler? What Does the Current Score at Tuf 31 Read?

Published 07/02/2023, 2:19 AM EDT

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Most UFC fans cherished the news about the coveted UFC icon, Conor McGregor, making his return to the promotion as a TUF coach. A number of them also might have hoped to see a few explosive performances from McGregor’s TUF team as well. But all such expectations fell flat as ‘Mystic Mac’s’ team ramped up five consecutive defeats in their bouts without even a single win against Michael Chandler’s TUF team of UFC veterans.

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McGregor took the initial few defeats quite sportingly. He also motivated and cheered the fighters of his team, even after their defeats. But the current situation is probably going out of ‘The Notorious’s’ emotional endurance. He lost his patience for the first time after his team suffered the fifth consecutive defeat in the show.

However, recently a minute-long clip from one of TUF’s future episodes was leaked online. It showcased McGregor enduring some more emotional damage after his team went through yet another turmoil in TUF.


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Conor McGregor drops to his knees as leaked footage shows teammate suffer gut-wrenching Ultimate Fighter loss

The turmoil for team McGregor showcased in the leaked footage was nothing but their sixth consecutive loss. It is understood that the leaked footage was from TUF’s upcoming episode.

It revealed that Lee Hammond, from McGregor’s team of UFC prospects, will take on the UFC veteran, Kurt Holobaugh, from team Chandler for the sixth bout of the season. However, it all ended with severe disappointment for ‘the Irishman’.


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With only a couple of minutes remaining on the clock, Holobaugh firmly grabbed Hammond by the neck and placed him in a tight guillotine choke. Although the prospect fought it for a good twenty seconds. He couldn’t endure the agony any longer and eventually tapped out. McGregor also looked devastated by the sixth consecutive loss of his team as he dropped to his knees in despair.

Although it was invisible due to the poor quality, the title of the leaked YouTube video stated that McGregor had tears in his eyes after Hammond’s loss. Well, the viewers will have to wait for the actual episode to check if McGregor was really in tears after his team’s sixth consecutive loss.

Leaked footage shows the moment Conor McGregor laid hands on Michael Chandler in a heated exchange

Looking at the current form of McGregor’s team, it’s quite understandable that things aren’t going how he had planned them. Owing to such circumstances, McGregor also lost his temper after the sixth consecutive loss of his team member, Lee Hammond.

Another currently taken-down leaked footage showcased both the coaches, McGregor and Chandler, entering the octagon and having a heated exchange of words post the sixth fight of the season. But McGregor decided to let his hands do the talking and shoved Chandler by his neck.

The now-taken-down leaked footage also showcased the UFC supremo, Dana White, rushing into the cage and separating the TUF coaches to prevent them from exchanging blows. However, the fans will have to wait for the actual episode to witness this incident since the video has been removed from social media.

Conor McGregor goes 0-5 in the latest TUF episode

The actual TUF broadcast has showcased five fights to date, with the latest episode featuring the fifth bout of the season. Team McGregor’s, Carlos Vera locked horns with team Chandler’s UFC veteran, Brad Katona for the fifth bout in the Bantamweight division.

However, it was further disappointing for McGregor to watch his teammate Vera getting defeated via a decision. Post the fight, Mystic Mac took issue with the decision and labeled it an “unfinished fight”. ‘The 34-year-old’ walked off the UFC apex angrily after Vera’s defeat. After team McGregor’s fifth consecutive defeat, numerous fans would have hoped that they will strike back in the next bout. But as the leaked footage revealed, team McGregor is still winless.

Going 0–5 in Fifth Week Straight, Coach Conor McGregor Makes a Desperate Request to Dana White

While leaving the UFC Apex after his team’s fifth defeat, McGregor also addressed the UFC supremo, Dana White, on his way. He opined such “unfinished” fights should have a third round as a decider. Later, McGregor also revealed the same opinion before the TUF camera and posted the video as a tweet.

Some of his spoken words in the video read, “In those situations where they’re closely-contested back-and-forth fights, there should be a third round.”

However, the UFC boss is yet to respond to McGregor’s request. It might be interesting to watch if White decides to modify the rules of TUF for the first time after ‘Mystic Mac’s’ request.

Does the UFC star’s fighter lose his next fight against Team Chandler?

Well, despite all the McGregor fans expecting a comeback from his team, the leaked footage of TUF proved enough to spoil their expectations. The leaked footage was from one of TUF’s not-yet-broadcasted episodes.

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It showcased the immediate next, i.e. sixth bout of the season between Lee Hammond from the Irishman’s side and Kurt Holobaugh from team Chandler.


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As already stated, Holobaugh put Hammond in a guillotine choke, causing him to tap out in the second round of the bout. Hence, an affirmation would be the correct answer to the above-asked question. Amidst such a situation, the fear of a clean sweep from ‘Iron’s’ team is inching closer to team McGregor. Understandably, his fans will have their fingers crossed in hopes of team McGregor’s first win in TUF.

But do you think they will achieve it? Also, do you believe there are chances of team Chandler clean-sweeping team McGregor in this season of TUF?


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