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Controversial Authors Reveal How Joe Rogan Is Able to ‘Hack’ Into Young Male Demographics

Published 05/14/2022, 1:02 PM EDT

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Joe Rogan is an adequate comic artist. However, it’s his podcast, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, that has built a massive audience for him. Since Rogan has guests that touch a plethora of genres, age groups, and topics, and set a vivid pace, his show has become popular among people of all ages.

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Recently, authors Matt Sienkiewicz and Nick Marx spared some thoughts about veteran UFC color commentator, Joe Rogan, in their book.


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“He has a set of ideas and empathies that tend to attract a certain audience,” offered the authors. “It’s very male, it’s very young, and it’s very interested in, I guess, buying pubic-hair shavers and boxes of raw meat and the kinds of things that he sells.”

However, the thing about Rogan that clicks with people is that even though he might disagree with someone’s opinion, he gives them the space to describe their point. And then counters it after giving proper attention to what they have said.

From Brock Lesnar to Sylvester Stallone: Expected Upcoming Guests on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast on Spotify

A very mild example of that was on display when Rogan talked to Christina Pazsitzky on JRE #1818. They talked about the new Batman movie. Christina P submitted that she ‘hated’ the new Batman movie featuring Robert Pattinson, whereas Rogan suggested that he ‘loved’ the movie. Initially, Rogan asked the guest about their side and then offered why he loved the Robert Pattinson Batman.

Besides, Rogan is a longtime UFC commentator and even owned the ‘Fear Factor’ show with his hosting. Thus, his young male audience was there even before he got started with the JRE podcast.

Joe Rogan is calling UFC fights since 1997

The multi-combat sports specialist, Rogan, appeared first with the UFC in 1997 during the UFC 12 broadcast. Ever since he has been an integral part of the promotion.


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UFC President Dana White misses no chance to praise the veteran commentator. The young and upcoming UFC fighters dream about a Joe Rogan Octagon Interview. Even the legends of the sports have requested to appear on his renowned JRE podcast.


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In conclusion, it seems Rogan doesn’t need any agenda to target a specific audience, as his astonishing work attracts people, anyway.


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What do you make of the authors’ insinuation about Joe Rogan’s comedy cracking into young male demographics?



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