Controversial Joe Rogan Guest Gets His Bizarre Wish Fulfilled by Alexander Volkanovski’s BJJ Coach – “He Did What Eddie Bravo Couldn’t”

Published 09/29/2023, 3:52 PM EDT

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Alex Jones is one of those Joe Rogan podcast guests who stuck with us. And not necessarily in a good way. The far-right conspiracy theorist and podcaster recently made headlines, and this time it wasn’t for his extreme views. He owns and runs the InfoWars program, where he and his guests discuss a whole load of bizarre things.

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This time around, one of his guests was Alexander Volkanovski‘s BJJ coach, Craig Jones. Previously, when Alex Jones had arrived on The Joe Rogan Experience, he’d made a bizarre request that went unfulfilled at the time. Thankfully for fans, the coach of ‘The Great’ fulfilled it in grand fashion.

Former Joe Rogan Experience guest gets what he asked for


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Jones had previously appeared on Rogan’s podcast back in 2019. It was then that he, Rogan, and fellow guest Eddie Bravo spoke about a number of outlandish things for hours on a stretch. Jones decided to make things even more interesting by asking Bravo to choke him out cold. Bravo is an MMA instructor and clearly knows what to do, but he just playfully wrapped his arms around Jones’ neck to pretend to choke him out. Now, with Craig Jones, the podcaster finally got his wish fulfilled.


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In the caption of the post, Craig Jones playfully wrote “The CIA sent me but I couldn’t do my dad like that” poking fun at the point that both of them have the same last name. In all seriousness, the podcaster got sent to sleep for several seconds before he woke up. Clearly, martial artists are not the type of crowd you want to mess with. Jones just found out the hard way.


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Fans react to the viral clip

The clip soon went viral on multiple platforms all over social media. Fans reacted wildly as Volkanovski’s coach choked Alex Jones until he went to sleep. Here are some of the most hilarious reactions to the Instagram post. Some fans pointed out how he got the wish he asked for but not from Bravo.

“He did what Eddie Bravo couldn’t”

“He finally got his wish”

Others just showed how much they enjoyed seeing Jones’ face go all red as the blood tried to save his brain from switching off.

Shoulda held it longer”

“I like how you kept smiling as he took a bit longer than usual to wake up lol”

Meanwhile, a bunch of fans were just there for the giggles as they saw the podcaster struggle.

“I was hoping he would awake and accidentally tell us who the globalists are”

“Next president and secretary of defence”

Finally, some others just poked fun at how Alex Jones was fine one way or another.


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“Don’t you dare hurt our beloved Alex”

“That was 8 seconds taking it easy lol”

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Some people like enjoy asking fighters if they could beat them in a street fight, while in this case, it was the request to get choked out. Being a podcaster sounds like a lot of entertainment and fans are clearly loving it. In spite of being a highly controversial figure, Jones getting choked out felt kind of cathartic to some fans. Now, when will the podcaster pop up again? Maybe Joe Rogan would have an idea.

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