Is Krazy Horse a misunderstood genius or just another wasted talent in MMA history?

Charles Bennett, or ‘Krazy Horse’, is a peculiar presence in the MMA cage. He likes to act whenever the camera goes in front of him. Donning gold teeth under his mouthpiece, the featherweight fighter makes sure the audience at the Gamebred Fighting Championship stays entertained with his bare-knuckle MMA fights. His fights also garnered the attention of Joe Rogan and Quinton Jackson, leaving them flabbergasted. 

Today, let’s take a deep dive into Bennett’s life before he entered the realm of mixed martial arts. Let’s also take a look at the bare-knuckle fighter’s personal life. 

‘Krazy Horse’ Charles Bennett’s early life and parents


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Bennett hails from the land of Gainesville, Florida. He was born in a broken home in Ocala back in 1979. Unfortunately, it was a dr*g infested household with both of his parents coc**ne users. He had 11 siblings and was the second oldest among them. However, they were born to different fathers. He lived with his mother for the first 8 years of his life. But his mother was arrested on a dr*g charge, following which he moved in with his father. 

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‘Krazy Horse’ was pretty good in football and admitted that there were many people who came forth to support his schooling because of that. However, the young Bennett dropped out of school and began selling narcotics. He recollected, “I dropped out. Life was impossible. As time went on, I started dealing dope.”

Soon after, his father kicked Bennett out of his house. Life was pretty tough for the featherweight fighter. He endured his first arrest for dealing with narcotic substances in 2011. But he has absolutely no regrets whatsoever in his life. He eventually stopped selling dr*gs when he stumbled upon an MMA gym in Ocala. Needless to say, he impressed the coaches with his agility and ‘crazy’ power.

Finally, he took the oath to turn his life and stepped into the world of mixed martial arts. However, his past will stay with him forever. Did you know how many times ‘Felony’ went to jail? 

The many controversies of ‘Krazy Horse’

As per the Miami New Times, Bennett was arrested for battery when he was just 17 years old. Although the case was dropped, he got himself into trouble for possession of coc**ne in 1998. The case was luckily dropped, but the trouble didn’t leave ‘Krazy Horse’. He was arrested once again, but this time, his adjudication was withheld on 4 charges of felony and one misdemeanor charge. 


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In just 10 years, between 2009-1999, Bennett was arrested 14 times. His offense included dr*g dealing, burglary, aggravated battery, and possession of MDMA. Thankfully, the fighter turned his entire focus to training and became a renowned name in the world of mixed martial arts. However, his power could not help him in his recent bouts. Let’s take a look at his career.

What is Charles Bennett’s MMA record?

‘Krazy Horse’ currently holds a record of 30 wins, 42 losses, and two draws. Despite his wild power, ‘Felony’ is currently on a 12-fight losing streak. Before landing into Jorge Masvidal’s bare-knuckle MMA promotion, Bennett fought at Rizin, Elite Xtreme Combat, and Pride FC. He was also associated with the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. Unfortunately, the featherweight contender’s defeats overshadow his victories. 


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Out of 30 wins, he secured 19 via KO/TKO, and 8 via submission. Bennett’s grappling game isn’t quite as strong as his striking prowess. This is reflected in his record showing 23 losses by submission. His last bout was against Joe Penafiel. But it resulted in a devastating loss for the Floridan fighter. Penafiel won the bout via KO in the third round by ground and pound. The fight fans often criticize Bennett because of his losses. But he learned a valuable lesson while growing up in a difficult home. “People want to criticize me, but no one is perfect in this world.”

Do you think Bennett’s experience in prison was the reason for his strong punches? What are your thoughts about the featherweight fighter’s MMA record? Let us know in the comments down below.