“Could This Whole Thing Become Any More Degrading” – Fans Question Forrest Griffin & Michael Bisping’s ‘Class’ as UFC Legends Start With Power Slap League

Published 01/31/2023, 9:30 AM EST

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The UFC fans have not taken the Power Slap League in a constructive way. Dana White‘s Power Slap League has been facing major criticism from MMA fans worldwide. Moreover, White has also decided to add certain celebrities to the controversial league. The fans are not amused to see their former fighters and fan favorites like Forrest Griffin and Michael Bisping become a part of the team. They have shown their concerns heard by giving a stern reaction to a recently released video by Power Slap League on UFC’s YouTube channel.

Fans react to the UFC team being in Power Slap League

The majority of the UFC stars and team were present in the Power Slap League in its premier episode. The fans were shocked to see some of the popular faces of the UFC being in the premier episode of the Power Slap League.


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One fan commented on UFC’s YouTube channel, “Why is Bisping commentating this travesty.” 


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Similarly, another social media user said, “I knew Bisping was a company man but commentating this is a pure disgrace. Glad that he provides his family well by doing this.

Moreover, comments on the former UFC champion being a part of the Power Slap League joined in. One fan added, “Come on Bisping, you have more class than that bs”.

Furthermore, another fan commented, “Bisping getting dragged into this circus and then Forrest Griffin being one of the guys to catch the KO’d dudes .. I mean could this whole thing become any more degrading?

The comments were bashing everything about the sport. One fan said, “It’s hilarious that any athletic commission would allow this “sport” to be legal”.

Similarly, one fan added, “I’m still in shock that a good chunk of the UFC staff are participating in this – it’s such a terrible look for the company.

Some of the astute observations saw one fan comment, “So sad to see Herzog took part in this.”

While another fan added, Feels like a parody but not sure to what though lol. Hilarious.”

Dana White is also under criticism for fighters’ pay in Power Slap League


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Being questioned about fighters’ pay in the UFC is not the only criticism White has received. Now fans also questioned the amount of pay the fighters in the Power Slap League are awarded.

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However, the UFC president has justified the fighter’s pay to the fans. However, it remains to be seen what happens to the never-ending saga of fighters’ pay in the sport of MMA.


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What do you think about the inclusion of former UFC fighters in the controversial league? Let us know in the comments.

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