“Dana Really Takes Care of Fighters” – in a Show of His Rare Side, Dana White Does the Unexpected for a Sobbing Angel Pacheco at DWCS

Published 10/03/2023, 4:16 AM EDT

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It has been an unprecedented occurrence in the Contender series’ history for a defeated fighter to secure a UFC contract. Remarkably, this exceptional event has only transpired once before, making it an exceedingly rare phenomenon. However, just last week, Dana White defied convention by awarding not one but two fighters who had suffered defeats their well-deserved contracts. This unexpected and gracious gesture from Dana White caught everyone by surprise.

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In a recent twist of events, Dana White extended a UFC contract to Angel Pacheco, despite his defeat in the ring. This surprising turn of events stemmed from an exceptional encounter between Angel Pacheco and Danny Silva.

Dana White grants UFC contract to Angel Pacheco after defeat


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Angel Pachecho has been awarded a UFC contract even though he was defeated by his opponent Danny Silva. White’s decision to provide a contract was triggered by an emotional backstage exchange between him and Pachecho.

White in an interview added ” When I went back there, his ear is hanging off. He’s crying,”He looks at me … I told him, ‘I’m going to pay your your win money.’ He (couldn’t) give a f*ck that I’m going to give him his win money. He’s crying and he said, ‘I wanted to win this fight so bad. I want to be in the UFC so bad. If there’s ever a late minute pullout or anything, please think of me.’


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White further added “I said, ‘Oh yeah.’ I said, ‘Dude, you are right up my alley. We’re going to pay you your win money.’ I went back and told the boys, ‘We’re signing this kid.’ If you want to be in the UFC that bad, if you want to win this fight that bad, how bad do you think he wants to win his first UFC fight?’”

Dana White’s exceptional gesture earns him praise and respect from fans

Dana White’s gesture of offering a contract to a defeated fighter has taken the internet by storm. Fans have expressed their love and respect for the UFC CEO for his kindness towards the fighter.


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Some of the reactions of the fans are as follows :

Best fight on contender series I’ve ever seen

These guys beat the dog sh*t out of each other

He earn it

Best DWCS episode of all time


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Dana really takes care of fighters. Don’t care what Jake Paul says.

they gave him his 9 thousand dollar win bonus how nice of Dana

F*ck yah good call dana


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Judging by the reactions of the fans it is evident they are awestruck by the rare kindness shown by Dana White. The fight was a close one with each fighter going beyond their limits. However, in the end Danny Silva won the match by unanimous decision. Fans proclaimed this match as one of the best DWCS matches.

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