“Dana Said No Motorcycles!”: UFC Fans Brutally Rebuke Cocksure Sean Strickland After Failed Stunt

Published 01/08/2023, 5:04 AM EST

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Sean Strickland is an interesting individual all in all. Although it’s mostly the controversies that he carries around himself either with his statements or actions. But you will never have a dull moment with this UFC fighter. And this was well illustrated by his most recent Instagram post, where he shared his embarrassing motorcycling moment with his fans with no worry about its repercussions whatsoever. But it served as an opportunity for the fans to make a mockery of Strickland, and they didn’t hold back with it. Apart from all the fans, the ONE Championship star, Bi Nguyen, did partake in this trial, too. And for Sean Strickland, who may not have seen it coming at him this hard, this united effort definitely turned out to be a troll fest.

Sean Strickland mocked to the core over his failed motorcycling attempt

In the clip Strickland posted, he can be seen riding his motorcycle on an off-road stretch and seemed to struggle a bit with handling it throughout. He eventually lost control of the motorcycle and crashed it straight into the bush.


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Well, the choice of posting this failure out in public was a bad idea. And the fans made sure to let Strickland know of it, too.


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Check out how the fans reacted on this clip:

The ONE Championship fighter, Bi Nguyen, left a snarky little comment for the UFC fighter:

“Nice parking”

That was followed by a chain of mockery by the fans:

“You should take up golf.”

“Don’t let go of the throttle p**sy”

“Whiskey throttle championship”

“N who tf goes trail riding with fuckin Roblox cop side bags or motorcycle hand bags, or man purse”

“Still trying to learn how to ride that bike eh?”

However, there were some fans who were rather nice to Strickland and balanced out all the trolling:

“super talent at things outside of mma as well i see. A true athlete”

“Bro. All jokes aside, You’re a really good athlete. Many people wouldn’t have been able to get off the bike in time. I wouldn’t have certainly.”

“Walked it off perfectly”

“These dudes in the comments don’t realize how hard that shit is. You are doing really well. “

Well, Sean Strickland has a nature of being blunt and straightforward with whatever he wants to do or say. He doesn’t shy away from anything and second guessing is not much of his forte. So much so, that after his last defeat against Jared Cannonier, he went public with calling himself a ‘sore loser’.

Strickland admitted being salty after losing


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Back in December last year, Sean Strickland faced Jared Cannonier at the UFC Fight Night 216 and lost the bout by a razor thin margin. Following the loss, the 31-year-old released a statement and admitted being a ‘sore loser’ while slamming the judges for their unjust decision.

Strickland said, “I’m a f***ing sore loser. Hat’s off to Jared(Cannonier). But again, you have judges that don’t know how to f***ing do their job. You actually look at the scorecard and you look at the significant strikes and you look at how many times I wobbled him. And, you know you have experts in the field come up to me and say, ‘Yeah man, I don’t know how you lost that one. You landed way more. The scorecards should say it.’ So, anyways, I’m going to shut the f**k up now. Get off my soapbox.”


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Do you think the decision should’ve favored Sean Strickland instead? Let us know in the comments below.


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Mayur Soni


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