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Dana White & Co.’s Failure Is PFL’s Gain as Donn Davis Reveals UFC’s Big Blunder Just Hours After Acquiring Bellator

Published 11/21/2023, 4:03 AM EST

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The PFL has indeed completed the acquisition of Bellator MMA, signifying a notable transformation in the MMA landscape. Donn Davis, the founder of PFL, has officially announced the agreement, disclosing that Paramount., the previous proprietors of Bellator, will maintain a minority stake in the promotion through PFL stocks.

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The acquisition of Bellator by PFL was one of the major moves in the world of MMA. Dana White must be observing this development very closely as PFL is becoming a prime rival for the promotion. Donn Davis thinks that UFC has not touched the international markets and they have the opportunity to leverage it. Let us dig in to understand the context.

Donn Davis is looking to defeat Dana White in the game of sports


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Donn Davis, in a conversation with Ariel Helwani, discussed the competitive edge that PFL has above the UFC. The CEO of PFL emphasized that despite PFL’s new status, the promotion has grown tremendously in recent years and the purchase of Bellator will help the promotion to capture new markets around the globe.

Davis further claimed that UFC has yet to win over major nations outside of USA and PFL is planning to leverage this. “Now, PFL, the company, will run Bellator, our media operations, our ad Salesforce, and our business capabilities. We’ll rebuild a lot of that, but the product and the brand, we will revitalize.” 


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He further added, “More technology, a little bit better production, and mostly international cities—big demand internationally. You even mentioned earlier on your show, yeah, UFC hasn’t tapped into all that international demand. So, we’ll do probably six or maybe seven of those eight shows outside the US, where almost all the PFL League season is in the US.”

Down in the conversation, Davis explained that UFC is not the only dominant player in the market and they have the potential to dethrone Dana White’s crown.

Donn Davis claims that White is now looking at PFL as a competition


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Donn Davis pointed out that Dana White hasn’t made any comments on PFL for the past four years, and now we’re suddenly hearing random remarks from him. Why? It’s because he now views PFL as a legitimate contender. He said “He didn’t comment on the PFL for 4 years because he wasn’t worried. He’s commented on the PFL a lot in the last six months. He’s worried.”

He further added, “He (White) knows that the UFC ain’t the NFL, we’re not the XFL but he wants you to think that. And it’s just a matter of time before that starts to get more well-known. And we’re not number two, we’re a co-leader, you don’t want that, that’s what’s going on.”


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What’s your opinion on Donn Davis’s statement about UFC and PFL? Do you believe PFL could dethrone the UFC? Tell us about your opinion in the comments below.

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