Joe Rogan’s Glove Change Request Goes Unanswered As Dana White Hands Limited Edition Apparel to Veteran Commentator

Published 04/11/2024, 9:15 PM EDT

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Dana White has finally unveiled new gloves, alas, it’s less function, more show. Perhaps, this could come to the great disappointment of many fans but the first and foremost is Joe Rogan who had been raving about the UFC getting new gloves for the fighters. Well, now Rogan’s dream has seemingly shattered.

That’s right, the UFC announced a showcase and presentation of brand new equipment right after the UFC 300 press conference and Dana White has come to deliver. The UFC head honcho took to his social media to announce brand new gloves and Rogan’s getting one of the first few pairs! The gloves are new and yet, old.

Joe Rogan to get brand new UFC gloves from Dana White


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Dana White seems to have taken quick notice after the whole eye-poking debate took to the wind once again. Perhaps that’s why he unveiled beautiful new editions of the same old UFC gloves. Joe Rogan was recently seen speaking about asking the UFC to make amends regarding the gloves and looks like he certainly got the gloves. But they’re literally the same ones with a little twist of design and a splash of color.


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“Hey guys, so we just launched our new UFC fight gloves.” White said in a new video. “They’re launching this weekend, the weekend of 300 and I’ve created 25 limited edition gloves . . . I’m giving them to the 25 of my closest friends and the people that I know and love em. Sorry, unfortunately, I’m getting number 1. Rogan’s getting number 2.”


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He also announced that fans could score the chance of winning a pair of the gloves. Numbers 15, 19, and 22 are reserved for the fans themselves. Of course, getting your hands on these limited edition gloves is not an easy thing to do.

Fans must visit powerslap.com/sweepstakes in order to learn more about the “badass” new gloves. To earn more entry points, fans can also watch Power Slap 7 live and free on rumble.com. This will reward fans with 10 extra entries in hopes to win the gloves. Meanwhile, looks like Conor McGregor wants a pair too!

Conor McGregor wants to have his hands on the glove


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As soon as Dana White’s post dropped, fans began reacting to it. But perhaps the most interesting reaction was that of Conor McGregor who showed up to the comment section to demand a pair of the gloves for himself. The fighter still doesn’t have a fight signed up but he wants the gloves regardless.

“Number 12 for the Mac!” he wrote under White’s post. The number 12 is of course a reference for McGregor who made millions out of his deal of his whiskey called Proper 12. McGregor proudly boasted about Irish whiskey with Jake Gyllenhaal, his Road House co-star.


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Now, he wants the gloves of the same number on his hands when he does return. Do you think McGregor will get what he wants this time around?


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