Egyptian-American MMA manager Ali Abdelaziz was interviewed by The Schmo at the former’s residence in Las Vegas. The video was uploaded on YouTube on 27th February where he discussed upcoming bouts in the UFC.

During a segment in the interview, he also talked about Khabib Nurmagomedov’s cousin, Umar Nurmagomedov while indirectly thanking Dana White. He also revealed the secret to Umar’s success while spilling the only way to defeat him. 

Ali Abdelaziz indirectly thanks Dana White for Umar Nurmagomedov


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The manager of top UFC talents like Khabib Nurmagomedov, Kamaru Usman, Islam Makhachev, and Henry Cejudo, Abdelaziz started by thanking Sean Shelby for unearthing the talent pool named Umar. He said, “Honestly it was so hard and I want to thank Sean Shelby, because he really called everybody, try to even you know they all did all the UFC team did, and uh they finally find this tough kid.

Well, given the relationship between Dana White and Abdelaziz on the business front, his words can be considered as an indirect note of his thanks to the UFC owner himself as Sean Shelby works for Dana White. The renowned manager continued to state the reason behind his note of thanks to Sean Shelby.

He said, “Umar is… nobody in the top 15 in the UFC can touch his feet, man. He’s a different breed. I believe he’s gonna be one of the best Champions out of this region from the UFC.” Well, Abdelaziz isn’t wrong with his analysis as reflected by Umar’s perfect 16-0 record, since making his debut in 2016.

Abdelaziz further stated, “And this type of guys, historically with the UFC they always get awarded.” But why is Umar so successful? And is there a way to defeat him?

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Ali Abdelaziz reveals the secret to defeat Umar Nurmagomedov

Khabib’s manager explained the reason behind Umar’s success while praising him, “His striking is a different level. His wrestling is a different level. His grappling is a different level. He’s 27, he’s feeling in, he is maturing, and he has a different kind of mentality ‘I’ll fight you’.

But how can someone even defeat a player of Umar’s caliber? Well, Abdelaziz has an answer for that too. He said, “The only way I can see Umar lose somebody- ‘Catch him with something right’, like a lucky punch.


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Who do you think can defeat Umar Nurmagomedov?

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