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Dana White Reveals The Biggest Problem With The UFC 254 Card

Dana White Reveals The Biggest Problem With The UFC 254 Card

Dana White and the UFC have done an incredible job in putting on fights. The pandemic bought to a screeching halt all sporting activities. However, the UFC was one of the first if not the first sport to get back to live-action. Ever since its first event back on May 9, the promotion has had fights almost every weekend. 

However, putting on fights during the pandemic has its own challenges. Due to the travel restrictions imposed, it forced the UFC to host fights in Abu Dhabi so international fighters could travel for their fights with no hassles. This has, unfortunately, come with a few problems as well. 

Dana White on the biggest problem faced by the UFC ahead of UFC 254

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Dana White gave his thoughts on everything to do with the upcoming fight. He also went on to mention the biggest challenge faced by the promotion in relation to UFC 254. He said, “One of the things that is a big negative for us is that it’s not in prime time at home. It’s hard to message that to people, you know what I mean? This thing starts in the afternoon. So the main card starts at 2 pm on the east coast.”

Dana White went to reveal that the main event would take place at around 5 pm eastern time which is far from ideal for most fans following this sport. The UFC President also stated that UFC 254 was trending higher than Khabib vs Conor McGregor, which was the biggest PPV event the UFC had ever done. 

The UFC caters to fans from all around the world. However, since the majority of its customer base is in the United States, the timing of the fights is scheduled accordingly. However, UFC 254 serves as an exception as it will start in the afternoon as opposed to other PPV events that would start at night. 

Despite the event being broadcasted at such odd hours, the buzz around the card and the main event gives a sense of how big the event actually is for, both the UFC and both fighters involved. Do you think UFC 254 will surpass UFC 229 as the most successful PPV event in the organization’s history?

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