It’s been two years since Mike Perry left the UFC. The fighter had been with the promotion since 2016 and was initially expected to deliver dominant performances. Nevertheless, his performances remained lackluster since his debut, and finally, in 2021, Perry’s contract with the UFC ended and has not been renewed since then. Perry became a free agent following his release from the UFC.

Being an ex-UFC fighter holds significant value in the fight business. Swiftly, the Bare-knuckle fighting championship signed Perry under their banner. Since then, he has been exclusively fighting for them, and surprisingly, a comparison of his payouts from both reveals an astonishing margin and this might have put Dana White in a bad situation how? Let’s delve deeper to understand.

Mike earns big in his fights in Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship


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The headline fight at BKFC 56 delivered a thrilling showdown for fans who relish a good slugfest. Renowned former UFC stars, Mike Perry and Eddie Alvarez, engaged in a fierce display of striking within the BKFC squared circle. Their fight was an absolute watch for the combat fans. Alvarez rattles with his powerful strikes in the initial rounds but ‘Platinum Perry’ made an epic comeback in the second round.

Interestingly in his fight against Eddie Alvarez, Perry earned an equivalent of more than 1 million dollars. It must be noted that Perry has fought a total of fifteen fights under the UFC banner and a total of 1.3 million dollars. Subsequently, he has fought only 4 times under BKFC and he has already surpassed his lifetime earnings in the UFC.

This disparity in the payment structure again highlights the situation of low-level fighters under the UFC banner. Dana White and Co. have been accused of not paying their fighters well and there’s been an ongoing lawsuit against them. This revelation by Perry’s purse from BKFC might have exposed White’s ploy, however, nothing can be made certain so soon.

Perry’s career seemingly skyrocketed after leaving UFC, or at least the numbers say so. And in another surprising incident, Mike Perry has now issued a challenge to Conor McGregor after dominating Edie Alvarez.

Mike Perry issues a challenge to the notorious


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Mike Perry unleashed his beast mode to secure the knockout against Alvarez. Even after clinching the belt, the 32-year-old fighter wasn’t finished. Seizing the moment, he issued a challenge to another fighter right there in the cage. The fighter took center stage and called out Conor McGregor.

After clicking the victory, Perry in an interview expressed his desire to take on the former UFC double weight champion. Perry voiced, “Conor McGregor would be a great matchup. I just beat somebody he fought for a world title. Who’s bigger than that? There’s no one bigger than Conor McGregor except me.”

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With Mike Perry’s performance in the current structure Do you expect him to have a chance against Conor McGregor? Tell us about your opinion in the comment below.

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