Dana White’s End-of-Year Tease of “Return” of Conor McGregor Sends Fans in Frenzy: “Like the Subtle Hint Dana!!”

Published 12/31/2022, 9:30 AM EST

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Dana White never fails to entertain when it comes to his ‘F*** It Friday’ cooking series. In a recently posted hilarious episode, we saw the UFC president trying on something he called the New Year pancake. Although the food might not have turned out to White‘s liking, what caught the fans’ attention was the T-shirt that he had on during the video.

The 53-year-old UFC President was wearing a ‘McGregor sports and entertainment’ T-shirt that left fans speculating whether he was hinting at Conor McGregor’s return without giving away too much.

Is Dana white hinting at a Conor Mcgregor return?


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Although many fans found the UFC lynchpin’s reaction to his pancake extremely hilarious, it was the ‘McGregor sports and entertainment’ T-shirt that caught the eyes of a section of them. A few of them seemed quite confident about the Irishman’s return, while it made some naturally curious. Let’s look at some of the responses and reactions.

One fan seemed to co-relate McGregor’s Twitter activity to a potential McGregor vs Michael Chandler fight 

Another seemed confident it was a hint as to what was to come.“I like the subtle hint Dana” tweeted the fan

A couple of fans clearly believe that Conor McGregor is finally making his return

A section of the reactions was about the fans questioning the idea behind wearing a ‘McGregor sports and entertainment’ T-shirt

While another fan is of the opinion that there could be discussions already in place for the Irishman’s comeback

Overall, the video clip left fans quite optimistic about the return of the former double-division champ, even though White mentioned nothing along that line. But it’s quite obvious from these reactions that a Conor McGregor fight announcement will be met with fanfare.

How soon can we expect McGregor to be back?


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White’s video gave fans a lot to wonder about, and rightfully so. It’s been close to a year and a half since McGregor suffered a horrific injury in his fight against Dustin Poirier and his recovery and rehabilitation have also been well-covered during this time frame.

On a fitness level, the former double champ does look like he’s on the right track to making a return. This leads to the question: Is the UFC boss slightly referring to the Irishman’s return? It wouldn’t be surprising if an announcement took place early next year scheduling a fight at international fight week just like a fan hinted.


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What’s your take on this? Is Dana White hinting at an eventual Conor McGregor announcement or are fans clearly looking into it a bit too much? Share your opinions in the comments below.



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