Despite running the world’s largest Mixed Martial Organization, Dana White is heavily invested in other sports as well. The UFC CEO has heavily invested in PowerSlap and is a successful promoter of NASCAR’s Trackhouse Racing. There’s one unknown aspect of White’s life as well. The UFC CEO, Loves bullfighting.

Dana White has owned several bulls in the past, however, none of them had the same capability and power as his newly acquired gem: The ‘Twisted Steel’. The Bull caught the attention of the world due to its heavy build and seems like it has worked wonders against Donald Cerrone’s bulls.

Dana White defeats Donald Cerrone in Bullfighting


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The UFC CEO recently bought a bull named ‘Twisted Steel’. It caught the attention of the world due to its 1400-pound build. It also caught the attention of UFC’s hall of famer, Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone. Both Dana White and Cerrone were in attendance for the Professional Bull Riding (PBR) circuit inside Madison Square Garden in New York City, At that event, Cerrone took the opportunity to issue a callout against White’s ‘Twisted Steel’.

Days after the initial callout, Dana White took to his Instagram handle to state that he accepted Cerrone’s challenge. However, in return, White stated that Cerrone would have to ride ‘Twisted Steel’ for eight seconds on May 18th. He further added that he would give $50000 to Cerrone’s foundation to accept the challenge and $100000 if he stayed on the bull for more than eight seconds.

Cerrone has accepted the challenge, however, ‘Twisted Steel’ is no joke of a bull. In his latest showdown, the bull defeated his opponent through a slide. Dana White took it to Instagram and shared it. He uploaded a video of the winning moment and captioned it, “@DanaWhitesTwsitedSteel is now 35-3! He just won the rematch in Pit. @COwboycerrone vs. @danaWhitestwistedbull in Dallas, Texas, next.”


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Even though Cerrone is well-versed in Bullfighting, the sport is no joke. Nonetheless, there was a time when Dana White felt like a dead man when he tried riding a bull.

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White felt fear for the first time when he was bullriding 

Back in 2016, Dana White was new to the world of bull riding and thought it would be a good choice to ride a real bulky bull to show everyone his toughness. Well, it was one of the mistakes that he made that year.

While having a conversation with the media, White stated, “I always thought bull riding was absolutely insane. And it’s literally the most dangerous sport in the world. I’m not really afraid of anything, including death. That was the first time I felt legit fear. I was scared” Reports suggest that White was on the back of the bull for a good three seconds.


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The bull threw him down to the ground and White was just inches away from being badly hurt by the raging bull. In White’s own words, “The fastest, scariest, craziest three seconds you will ever have in your life.” Nonetheless, Cerrone will have to ride ‘Twisted Steel’ on May 18th and this time ‘Cowboy’ won’t be able to step away. What are your thoughts on their clash?

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