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Dana White’s Water Fast Trend Reaches Hollywood as Marvel Star Promises to Go for a “Mini” Version of UFC CEO’s Challenge

Published 11/20/2023, 9:09 PM EST

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Dana White and his reach on people is massive. This has been proven time and time again as White’s advice goes above and beyond with celebrities and athletes across the world. This time, a famous actor and star from the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been thrilled at one of his latest ideas.

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White very recently opened up about a seven-day water fast. A repeated cycle where consuming water and bone broth helps with potentially increasing the number of years you can live. While fans and athletes praised White for his efforts, this superstar took up the challenge for himself.

Dana White and his water fast taken up by ‘Crossbones’


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You heard it right. In Marvel, Frank Grillo plays the formidable villain known as Crossbones. The celebrity is known for being absolutely ripped and often playing bad guys. He recently took to his Instagram stories to show his physique and announce a mini-fast that he’ll be taking up thanks to White.

“Doing a mini water gast(fast) 48 hours to see if I can go a full 7 days. My dude @danawhite set it off…” wrote Grillo in his story. So what is all of this about really? Recently Dana White took to Instagram in another one of his highly informative videos.


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“I don’t know if you’ve seen this online but it’s called the seven-day water fast,” said White. Doctors have done studies on this. And this thing is legit, it gives you an over seventy percent of not getting cancer, alzheimers, and other nasty diseases.”


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He discussed the much popular 86-hour or sometimes, a seven-day water fast. He took his followers through the process of starting and continuing the fast. And he even flaunted his physique that came as a result of the fast. The results were strikingly amazing so it’s no wonder Grillo was pulled to it like a magnet. And Dana White has a few more tricks up his sleeve.

Dana White and his many therapies


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White and his health-conscious self have been doing rounds in the news lately. He’s actively participated in exercises and therapies that help slow down his biological aging. From Red Light Therapy to cold plunges to help reduce inflammation. Dana White has been doing it all.

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So now, this water-fast idea does not come off as much of a surprise. In fact, fans can expect him to share more and more of his fitness and health journey as he continues his collaboration with Garry Brecka. The expert has helped White shape his physical self in great ways to improve his health. Now, the UFC Boss may live for far longer than before!


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Do you feel like water fasts can help you too? What are your thoughts on some of these tactics.

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