“Dana Will Tip a Doorman of a Hotel $1000” – Ex-UFC Employees Make Explosive Dana White Statement

Published 01/23/2023, 11:15 AM EST

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to build an empire like the UFC. The man behind the UFC, Dana White, has proven several times how powerful he is since the day he stepped into the company. However, White’s position definitely attracted a lot of attention towards him. Many people believed White would be punished after the video of him and his wife Anne White slapping each other went viral.

White was seen slapping his wife twice in the footage. The president experienced a lot of backlash after the incident. People connected to the UFC even speculated that he would suffer severely this time for encouraging domestic violence. However, White’s authoritarianism was once again exemplified by the fact that no action was taken against him. Some former UFC employees were able to paint a more accurate image of White’s resistance to controversy for the general public.

UFC’s former employee opens up about Dana White


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It was surprising to note that absolutely no action was taken against White after the event. Right now, Front Office Sports is penning an article titled ‘How Dana White Became Immune to Controversy’ as a post-scandal wrap-up on the incident. Front Office Sports made sure to add anonymous comments from former UFC employees in order to highlight his influence to the public.

One of the ex-employee said, Those inside knew nothing was going to happen. Dana is that powerful. In any other sport, a league president putting his hands on his wife would lead to immediate action. It’s sad and disgusting at the same time.

Another ex-employee added, “He’s convinced Ari that he has the secret sauce. Endeavor thinks that nobody but Dana can run UFC.” White’s way of dealing with money was made clear by another anonymous ex-employee. The employee said, “Dana will tip a doorman of a hotel $1,000, but if anyone comes to his office and asks for a raise, that pisses him off”.

Dana White and his UFC empire

The statements of these two employees demonstrate how difficult it is for anyone to cope with White. According to them, he is the autocrat of a great empire where there is no one more powerful than White to punish him. The 53-year-old has undoubtedly worked his fingers to the bone to transform the UFC into a formidable juggernaut.


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He also has a knack for luring the best competitors to the UFC. For the most part of his life, the 53-year-old was committed to increasing the organization’s earnings. The people that profited the most from White were the stockholders of Endeavor, the parent company of the UFC. They have been enjoying huge profits ever since they bought the organization in 2016.


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FanSided estimates that the largest mixed martial arts promotion has a net worth of $9 to $10 billion. The UFC is growing daily, it generated almost $1 billion in revenue in just the first four months of 2022. The UFC continued to be successful even after the COVID-19 outbreak which turned the entire world upside down. The company brought in $1 billion in revenue during the pandemic.


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Pay-per-view purchases, sponsorships, and agreements with broadcasters are the main revenue-producing channels for the company. The UFC has nothing to worry about as long as the UFC lion continues to reign. 

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