Daniel Cormier and His Career in Commentary

November 7, 2020 8:44 pm

Daniel Cormier seems to be having a great time as a commentator. Over the past few years, it seems like he has found his passion and his calling. No one can deny that Cormier has been phenomenal at what he does, from fighting in the octagon to doing commentary outside of it. DC’s future in broadcasting looks firm and secure as viewers enjoy listening to him a lot.

Cormier, through his commentary, brings his practical experiences to the ground. His presence of mind while commenting makes him the best with the microphone. While Joe Rogan is and has been amazing as the UFC’s lead broadcasting fellow for quite a long time, Cormier is the best to actually do it.

Cormier has the experience of being a member of the main broadcast team of FOX before he got his big chance in 2016. Since then, the champion has just got better at what he intended to do. 

Why is Daniel Cormier is one of the best commentators?

‘DC’  has been a former two-time champion and knows in and out of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He knows the octagon, he knows the fights, and overall he knows the fighters. Cormier had a great fighting career where he had been the best right from the start of the career. DC only faced defeat with fighters like Stipe Miocic and Jon Jones.

Due to his spectacular background of fighting, he sees things differently from anyone else. His varied experience in fighting and fight analysis just makes him perfect for this role. ‘DC’ has the ability to make his commentary exciting and funny. Moreover, he can predict fights and talk through to the viewers. 

There is no doubt that people love listening to him as he is also a widely likable athlete in the UFC. To top it all, he is not a person who is scared of talking about a fighter’s mistakes during his commentary. DC has been straightforward enough about his views, which again makes him the best of the best.

WWE or UFC, Cormier has been the first choice

Cormier has now become the first choice of sports like WWE or UFC. His work is being admired so much that WWE wanted him back to help commentate on SmackDown and bring a real view to the ground.

In one of his interviews with Busted Open Radio, the former two-time champion said,  “They called me. They reached out to my assistant. It was WWE, not Fox. They called me about going to Orlando, Florida.

 “I had a tentative date, but then I couldn’t make that date. Afterward, they asked me to go back but they were on tour or something for a month, and I was like, I want to do it with the entire commentary team. I don’t want to do it with one guy here and one guy there because I wanted to see who I can mesh with, and they were like, okay let’s schedule it in November.

“But then I took this [UFC 230] fight and then it got pushed back again.

“We will revisit this. I am going to Orlando to the Performance Center to do my gig to see how it works out. I am very passionate about pro wrestling.  You can YouTube my reaction to when Seth Rollins won the World Championship at WrestleMania 31. I am very passionate. It is what I like to do”

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Definitely, Daniel Cormier has a long way to go as a commentator, as the champion has found his new passion. Above all, the viewers love his fantastic work and want to see more and more of his work.

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