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Daniel Cormier Reflects on ‘Truly Special’ Laura Sanko Becoming the First Color Commentator in Modern UFC History

Published 02/01/2023, 7:55 AM EST

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The UFC world has seen several color commentators and each one was better than the other. With Joe Rogan and Daniel Cormier on the front, the events became more enjoyable than ever. However, for the first time in the modern era of UFC, a female color commentator will speak for the fights. Laura Sanko is set to commentate for UFC Fight Night 218. She has become the second female color commentator after Kathy Long, who called the first-ever UFC event back in 1993. Without a doubt, the news became a cause for celebration for the UFC world. Recently, Cormier, on his show ‘DC & RC’, put forth the news of Sanko being selected to call the upcoming Fight Night. DC went ahead and congratulated the new commentator for the commendable achievement. 

Daniel Cormier reflects on Laura Sanko’s latest achievement

The former UFC heavyweight fighter has a steep incline in his career with color commentary. Without a doubt, he understands the role better than many of the personalities in the promotion. However, he wasn’t late in congratulating the newest member of the commentating team. On the latest episode of his show, co-hosted by Ryan Clark, ‘DC & RC’, Cormier talked about the reporter’s achievement.


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DC said, “Quick shoutout RC, Laura Sanko for the first time in modern UFC history. A woman is calling the fights this weekend. She’s doing color commentary for the first time. So, hats off to Laura Sanko. Congratulations. Her hard work is being appreciated, and she’s getting an opportunity to do something truly special. So, congrats Laura. Have fun this weekend. It is a fantastic job. It’s all fun.”


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Unquestionably, the introduction of Sanko as a color commentator has set a milestone for the female MMA fans who have looked up to her as their role model. The modern era of UFC has indeed risen higher than ever. 

Dana White’s comments on Laura Sanko being the color commentator


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As reported by Yahoo! Sports, Dana White admitted that there was no one better than Sanko to become the first-ever female color commentator. Undoubtedly, the reporter has worked hard and has been associated with ESPN and White’s contender series. 

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The UFC President said, “I can’t think of anyone better to be the first female colour commentator for the modern UFC era than Laura.”


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What are your thoughts on Sanko being the first female color commentator of the modern UFC era? Let us know in the comments down below.



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