Daniel Cormier Warns Dillon Danis to Not Mess With Jake Paul

December 1, 2020 3:50 pm

On Saturday Night’s Tyson vs Jones PPV card, Jake Paul beat Nate Robinson through a brutal second-round knockout. He landed a huge right hand to send Robinson to the canvas.

Post his win, Paul called out the former UFC double-champ Conor McGregor and his teammate Dillon Danis. In a recent ESPN MMA’s podcast, Daniel Cormier and Ariel Helwani were in conversation about Paul’s performance and his astounding callout to McGregor and Danis post-fight.

Helwani said, “This has never happened and will never happen before. In the same breathe he calls out Dillon Danis and Conor McGregor!

“Conor beats Jake Paul in a Boxing match, but Jake Paul beats Dillon Danis. Conor can Box, Conor’s the real deal,” DC replied assertively.

Helwani believes Conor would whoop Jake Paul’s a**. Both of them wittily said that Dillon doesn’t need to fight Jake Paul as he would end up getting beaten up by the ‘Problem Child’.

Jake Paul has improved to 2-0 in his pro-Boxing record, knocking both his opponents out. Jake Paul feels that a boxing bout with McGregor isn’t far and is confident that he will emerge as the victor against the Irishman and his teammate.

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Danis sit your a** down before I call Jake Paul for you – Daniel Cormier

As the podcast released, Danis rubbed out on DC’s claims of Jake Paul knocking him out. Danis took to Twitter and disparaged Cormier on his notions.

Watch that fat mouth before i shut it.” wrote Danis. In a witty reply to Danis’ tweet, DC jotted on Twitter, “Danis sit your a** down before I call @jakepaul for you!!!

Fighters calling out the Notorious Conor McGregor is pretty common, but a fighter calling out Conor and his teammate Danis is quite unprecedented.

Danis is often seen training alongside McGregor and has cornered him at several UFC fights. He competes at the Welterweight division of Bellator MMA and has a 2-0 pro-MMA record.

Danis is an excellent grappler and both of his wins in Bellator have come via submissions in Round 1. However, he doesn’t possess a strong resume in his standup game compared to his wrestling and groundwork.

Therefore, Daniel Cormier and Ariel Helwani believe that Jake Paul will out-class Dillon in a boxing match.

What do you think about Helwani & DC’s comments on Dillon Danis? If booked, how would Dillon Danis fare in the Boxing match against Jake Paul?

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