Darren Till Gives X-Rated Response After Allegations of Rejecting $2M Payday From Ex-UFC Star Mike Perry

Published 04/18/2024, 6:24 AM EDT

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British MMA star Darren Till has not been seen in action since he parted ways with the UFC. However, there were reports that he could be jumping ship to the world of bare-knuckle fighting and taking on fellow ex-UFC fighter Mike Perry. However, ‘Platinum’ recently opened up about what was keeping the fight from happening on ‘The MMA Hour‘, claiming that Till refused to fight him even though he was going to get paid millions for the matchup.

Although Mike Perry’s impact in the UFC may have been modest, he has found a fresh start in BKFC. He has blossomed into one of their most impressive fighters, taking on formidable opponents like Luke Rockhold and Eddie Alvarez, both former UFC champions. Naturally, Perry had his sights set on a showdown with Darren Till, too. However, the fact that he claimed ‘The Gorilla’ turned down a million-dollar offer to fight inside the BKFC squared circle triggered the British fighter.

Darren Till gives an X-rated response to Mike Perry


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Mike Perry recently made yet another appearance on Ariel Helwani‘s show. There, he revealed a major piece of breaking news. Claiming that BKFC president David Feldman personally chatted with Darren Till for a potential bare-knuckle fight, the British fighter rejected the offer even when he could have a couple of million dollars from that fight. Perry revealed, “[I] heard he said no to over $2 million. So, you know, Darren is just, he’s just yapping away over there.”


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Mike Perry appeared to be oblivious to the hurdles and requirements of Darren Till to make this fight happen. “Darren Till said no to that much money then, you know, I don’t know what he’s looking for,” ‘Platinum’ added. Meanwhile, Till caught hold of the comments Perry made about the potential BKFC fight and denied the fact that he was offered a couple of million dollars for it. “Lying little c**t,” commented Till on Instagram. Despite Perry’s claims about ‘The Gorilla’ not accepting the fight, the British star has maintained his stance on wanting to fight the BKFC star a few months ago.


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When Till claimed to have been focused on the Perry fight

In an interview from January 2024, Darren Till sat down with ‘Boxing Social‘ as reported by ‘MMA Junkie‘, where he mentioned his plans following his departure from the UFC. There, he claimed that his sole focus was on his slated fight against Mike Perry and making an impact in bare-knuckle fighting. Till said, “To be totally honest with you, my mind’s only been set on one thing, on one person: the Mike Perry fight.”

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He is sure of the fact that he is destined to fight his fellow ex-UFC colleague at least once in their careers. However, when it came to how driven ‘Platinum’ was for the fight, Till had nothing to say about that since he wasn’t sure.“It’s a fight that’s been destined now for seven years, me and him. I’m really pushing for it. I don’t know what his team and that are doing, I don’t feel like they’re pushing for it as much,” Darren Till added.


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Both Mike Perry and Darren Till have placed the blame on each other for the uncertain nature of their fight. Nevertheless, ‘The Gorilla’ has already planned out what he wants to do in the next two years, with one important goal of being in a financially secure position. But what about the BKFC fight? We will have to wait for further developments on that front.


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