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Dave Chappelle Attacker’s Confession Vindicates Joe Rogan’s Prophecy About the Will Smith-Chris Rock Oscars Fiasco

Published 05/25/2022, 4:00 PM EDT

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The Joe Rogan Experience host proposed a theory on his podcast that turned true a few weeks back. And now, there is clear evidence to prove it.

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The longtime UFC broadcast member, Rogan, had criticized the Will Smith-Chris Rock incident that happened at the Oscars 2022. The reason was that the JRE host believed it set a ‘terrible precedent for comedy clubs.’


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And soon after, Rogan‘s fellow standup comedian and friend Dave Chappelle took a hefty tackle from a stranger. Now, according to new reports, the guy involved in the Dave Chappelle incident took inspiration from Hollywood actor Will Smith’s actions at the Oscars and replicated the incident.

Though earlier, what Rogan predicted was thought of as mere speculations, now it’s evident that some people heard Smith’s slap in the wrong context, as Rogan anticipated.

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The ever-vocal Rogan had no issues in saying what he sees. Likewise, he slammed the Academy Award for not holding the Oscar winner, Smith, accountable when he pulled off the act. Also, he highly criticized the fact that the actor received an award and give an acceptance speech on stage following his actions.

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Meanwhile, Rogan and other standup artists hope this doesn’t become a trend.

Joe Rogan was right all along


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The Academy Awards are the most prestigious awards presented in the film space. Thus, film fiasco around the world with casual audiences can’t wait for the event. The event garners more eyeballs than any other show of such kind. Hence, these ardent followers note each and every move of their favorite stars.

While people might agree or disagree with Smith’s actions, everyone was definitely surprised by his actions. The renowned star, according to Rogan, was ’emotionally fragile’ to do such a high amplitude move for a ‘mild joke.’

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What do you make of Joe Rogan’s prediction after Dave Chappelle’s attacker’s admission? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



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