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Death of Friend Whom Joe Rogan’s Wife Called His ‘Boyfriend,’ Left the Podcaster ‘F**ked Up for a While’

Published 09/08/2022, 10:30 AM EDT

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Joe Rogan has several interests. Thus, it is not surprising to see him develop strong friendships with people from different backgrounds. He was great friends with the late, Anthony Bourdain. Bourdain was a famous chef and quite close to Rogan.

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The UFC commentator spoke to Sam Morril on episode#1868 on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’. They discussed Rogan’s friendship with the chef. The podcaster also revealed he went through a tough time after Anthony Bourdain’s death.


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Rogan said, “He was a very moral and ethical guy. He was a tough one. He died, I was f**ked up for a while.”

“He’s just a guy that I was so excited that he was my friend. … when I first met him, I said ‘my wife says you’re my boyfriend.’ And he was like ‘okay’.”

Rogan was concerned his honesty could have cracked his friendship with the chef. Thus, Rogan laughed, recalling the incident. “I was like ‘Oh my god’, f**k.”

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Additionally, the commentator revealed Anthony Bourdain was a massive UFC fan. He got interested in jiu-jitsu and started attending UFC events. Further, he also attended Rogan’s standup. And that’s how they started hanging out. In fact, he also went to dinner with Bourdain a couple of times, which is still a dream for many.

Chefs would offer to cook for Bourdain, delicacies that weren’t on the menu.

Joe Rogan remembers his dear friend

Earlier in their conversation, the UFC analyst spoke about how the chef loved to visit small places and understand how they made their food. In addition to being a chef, Bourdain was also a great writer who penned several books. Hence, Joe Rogan and his guest felt that his narration and monologues were for his own show were ‘fantastic’.


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Apart from this, Morril admired the chef for taking a stand and speaking his mind.

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However, this isn’t the first time the chef has been a topic of discussion on the JRE. Joe Rogan has remembered Bourdain in previous episodes, too.


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What are your thoughts on Rogan’s recent comments about Anthony Bourdain? What do you think about the friendship they had? Let us know in the comments below.

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