Defending Dana White Doesn’t End Well for Daniel Cormier as Jon Jones Puts Rival Back in Place After UFC CEO’s Controversial Leaked Texts

Published 01/19/2024, 12:18 AM EST

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Dana White recently came tino the limelight for a leaked text conversation with ex-UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta. The UFC CEO appeared to bash now-heavyweight champion Jon Jones regarding a contract dispute. Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier defended White regarding that matter, but ‘Bones’ didn’t seem to like that. The heavyweight champion went on to fire back at his former rival on social media.

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones have a rocky history with each other. They fought each other twice and ‘DC’ lost both of those bouts. But as the years passed, it seemed like the tension between the two UFC icons was lessened. However, Jones did not like what Cormier had to say about him after the text messages were leaked. Let’s take a look at what the reigning heavyweight champion had to say.

Jon Jones taunts Daniel Cormier about being “bitter”


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When the conversation between Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta, which took place in 2014, came to light, Daniel Cormier appeared to support the UFC CEO for bashing Jon Jones. He claimed that ‘Bones’ himself was the reason for White making such remarks about him. Cormier even went on to call Jones a “bad employee.”

That seemingly triggered the heavyweight champion, who gave ‘DC’ a reminder about the couple of fights they had against each other. Jon Jones believes that Daniel Cormier could be living in regret with the fact that he was never able to beat him on both occasions.


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Bones tweeted, “Never let a “bad employee” beat you up and take everything from you twice. It’ll leave you bitter for a really long time evidently.” 

While Jon Jones took a swipe at Daniel Cormier, let us take a look at what the conversation between Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta was actually all about.

Dana White called ‘Bones’ a “punk” ten years ago

Back in 2014, Dana White and Jon Jones were discussing a new contract. The reigning heavyweight champion wanted a contract that focused on who he wanted to fight as his next title challenger. While White wanted to pit Jones in a rematch against Alexander Gustafsson, ‘Bones’ wanted to fight Daniel Cormier. He wanted that to be his next move and even put up some financial requirements as well.


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However, Dana White did not like that proposition. In the conversation he had with Lorenzo Fertitta, the UFC CEO went on to call Jon Jones a “punk” and a “sc*mbag.” This came as a surprise to many people, since ‘Bones’ is one of the most accomplished fighters in the history of the UFC.

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Although Jon Jones had earlier stated that he no longer had a beef with Daniel Cormier, it appears that the latter’s recent comments may have ignited the bad blood once again. It remains to be seen if the Hall of Famer will respond to the tweet ‘Bones’ posted as we wait to see what other revelations concerning Dana White will be made in the days to come.


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