Derrick Lewis is back in the win column but his celebration has caused a frenzy in the MMA world! ‘The Black Beast’ took on Rodrigo Nascimento at UFC on ESPN 56 in St. Louis, and with a spectacular third-round knockout, has extended his UFC record for the most knockout victories to 15!

Lewis was looking to bounce back from his loss against Jailton Almeida in 2023 at UFC Fight Night 231, where the American was unable to do much against the grappling prowess of Almeida. However, with the record-setting victory secured, Lewis engaged in a celebration that may have given the fans too much to look at! And in his post-fight interview, ‘The Black Beast’ also hinted that his journey inside the Octagon might be coming to an end.  

Derrick Lewis’s unique celebration gives fans more than they had bargained for


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The fight between Derrick Lewis and Rodrigo Nascimento started off with both men trying to work the clinch heavily. While the Brazilian was able to display his grappling prowess, in the third round of the fight, Lewis demonstrated what has made him one of the most feared knockout artists in the UFC.

Before coming out of his corner for the third round, Lewis’s corner told him to stop focusing on the clinch and start trying to land his shots. And it seems that ‘The Black Beast’ paid attention as he landed a massive right hand, clean to the temple, dropping Nascimento to the floor. He then followed up with vicious ground and pound to close out the show.

But the victory celebration from Lewis raised a lot of eyebrows as he took off his shorts in the middle of the cage, fanned his knocked-out opponent, and did a victory lap while waving the shorts above his head like a flag!

However, this wasn’t the end of the celebration as Lewis also tossed his cup into the media section and even flashed the crowd with a look at a different side of himself! But during the post-fight interview with Michael Bisping, Lewis stated, “I’m getting too old for this sh*t…”, possibly hinting that he might be considering ending his fighting career soon.  And he also thanked the St. Louis crowd for enduring his celebration as he stated, “I appreciate St. Louis for letting me show my naked a** tonight”.

While fans are left wondering about his future in the sport, Lewis’s legacy as one of the UFC’s most formidable knockout artists remains undeniable with another name added to his list. But he has recently indicated that the world of professional wrestling may get a visit by Lewis soon! 

‘The Black Beast’ reveals his interest in stepping into the WWE’s ring

During the press-conference before the UFC St. Louis Fight Night, Derrick Lewis made a stunning revelation about plans for a WWE appearance! When asked about the possibility of making a cameo in the professional wrestling ring, Lewis revealed that, “Yeah, we are actually in talks right now and we’ve been talking for a few months now. I was supposed to go down there in February to check everything out.”


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And his penchant for taking off his shorts as a victory celebration may be a part of the plan as Lewis also declared that he already has a ‘finishing’ move lined up. He stated, “…somehow I like taking off my shorts, so we might see something like that.”


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In a humorous nod to his future WWE persona, Lewis also playfully hinted at adopting former WWE star, Rikishi’s infamous ‘Stinkface’ move as his finishing maneuver. Drawing parallels to his Octagon antics of stripping post-fight, Lewis humorously suggested a similar flair in the wrestling ring!

In conclusion, whether he’s delivering devastating knockouts in the cage or entertaining audiences with his post-fight antics and interviews, Derrick Lewis remains a force to be reckoned with, both inside and outside the cage!