“Breaks Black Belts Foot and Still Loses”- Despite Breaking BJJ GOAT Gordon Ryan’s Leg in a Grappling Match Months Ago, Nicky Rod Trashed by MMA Fans for Losing the Fight

Published 07/13/2023, 9:34 AM EDT

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Nick Rodriguez and Gordon Ryan share one of the most competitive rivalries in BJJ. The two BJJ masters seize every chance to disparage one another. Both of them have adopted hostile gestures towards each other even while they are not engaged in combat. Resembling the feud, Gordon Ryan accused ‘Rod’ of greasiness following their second encounter at the UFC Fight Pass Invitational, which was held back in December 2022. On the other hand, Ryan was charged with utilizing steroids by Nicky Rod. Considering the beef, another incident popped up, which was intriguing enough to grab the attention of the fans.



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Nick Rodriguez recently treated fans to a look back at his UFC Fight Pass Invitational 3 match against Gordon Ryan. Rodriguez shared a video of their contest and took shots at Ryan in the post caption. Unlucky for him, fans had a different take on the situation.

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The caption to the video read “Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt breaks Black Belt Foot Are you Listening??”. In the footage, Rodriguez snapped Gordon Ryan’s leg after locking in a hook. After watching the video, the fans were bursting with opinions. Little did Rodriguez know that he had shot himself in the foot with this troll.

Fans defend Gordon Ryan against Nicky Rod’s taunt

Following their attention being drawn by Rodriguez’s post, most of the fans were seen criticizing him. Given that Rodriguez had been submitted by Ryan very dominantly just a few months earlier, at the 2022 ADCC World Championships, the match surprised many spectators, since it had gone to the wire. While Rodriguez appeared to be proud of his deeds, the fans undoubtedly weren’t. Especially because Ryan won this match with a broken leg.

One fan commented, “Brown belt breaks black belts foot and still loses.” 

“So you lost the match, despite having injured your opponent? This is a weird flex, but ok …” wrote another.

“I never watch the break and always watch the ref.,” joked one fan.

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Annnnnnd still….loses.” read another comment.


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One fan seemed impressed by Gordon Ryan since he didn’t seem in pain the moment after his leg got broken. He wrote, “Barely reacted after being taken to snap city”

Another comment read, “Damn, and you still couldn’t beat him? Truly shows how much more mentally tough he is than you.” 


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Ryan had later revealed he suffered a brutal injury during the contest. The 28-year-old admitted to not respecting Nicky Rod’s mechanics during the match. Do you think Ryan will be better prepared if they face each other a third time? Or will Rodriguez finally get one over the ‘King’? Let us know in the comments.

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