Despite Severe Health Concerns, Defiant Gordon Ryan Demands Khamzat Chimaev “Super Fight” As BJJ GOAT Addresses Combat Future

Published 06/11/2023, 4:11 AM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

Right after Gordon Ryan went on the road to recovery following his terrible strep throat, he attracted the attention of a UFC fighter. Khamzat Chimaev took to Instagram and revealed that he missed the BJJ practitioner on the mats and wanted to grapple with him. Soon after, Ryan added to the excitement as he agreed to train together with Chimaev.

However, the BJJ ‘King’ has been challenged by the ‘Chechen Wolf’ for a grappling fight. Thereafter, he sent a sneaky remark to his rival, Nick Rodriguez and Chimaev, on his IG story. He tagged the ADCC head organizer, Mo Jassim, and asked him to make the fight happen in 2024. Furthermore, he claimed that he would win double gold in the ADCC championship. Undeniably, the fighter has returned with a great charm for the sport.

Gordon Ryan’s declaration for the 2024 ADCC super fight


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Ryan had been recovering from a severe case of Streptococcus infection for a while now. During his absence from the mats, the BJJ legend received shiploads of well-wishes from all around the globe. One of his well-wishers was none other than Chimaev. 

Recently, Ryan stumbled across an article that declared the Swedish fighter wanted to fight a grappling bout against Ryan. Without wasting a single moment, Ryan took to his IG stories and shared his thoughts about the challenge. He not only agreed to the fight, but also sent a taunt to Rodriguez. 

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Ryan declared that he would claim a double gold in the ADCC Saturday super fight, next year. Thereafter, he asked the ADCC head organizer to make the fights happen. wrote, “@adcc_official 2024 Saturday superfight. I’ll double gold and leave the divisions and absolute to the peasants. Maybe nicky fraud could actually win something! @mojassim80 make it happen, boss man!!”

But what were the turn of events that has now lead to a hyped confrontation?

Khamzat Chimaev and Gordon Ryan shared pleasantries 


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After hearing about Ryan’s condition, Chimaev shared a video on his Instagram story. In the video, he said, “Gordon Ryan, brother. You get sick, I hope you get healthy. I miss you, brother, in the mats.”

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Without a doubt, the challenge seemed to excite Ryan. He went on Instagram and replied to the ‘Borz’, asking him to train. He wrote, “@khamzat_chimaev let’s train.”


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What are your thoughts on Ryan’s prediction for the 2024 ADCC superfight? Who do you think would rise victorious if Chimaev and Ryan went against each other in a grappling bout? Let us know in the comments down below.


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