An MMA fight can sometimes turn into a life-threatening sport for the fighters. Hence, it is important that there be a referee to watch over the safety of fighters. They are inside the cage to make sure that a fighter obeys all the rules while they fight. The referee must watch the fighters closely to avoid any severe injuries. However, a referee has no right to decide if a fighter should continue the sport or not until they fall unconscious or a serious injury has already occurred. Moreover, a fighter should be conscious of what his body is going through while he or she is in the octagon. If they know their bone is going to give it away, it’s their primary responsibility to tap out.

If a fighter refuses to tap out in crucial situations, they might have to suffer the consequences. A referee has the right to let the fighters continue the fight if they are stubborn enough to go forward. At the moment, netizens are enraged with a referee who refused to stop the fight even after the fighter got brutally knocked out by his opponent.

Fans react to the viral video of a stubborn referee in MMA fight


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In a viral video, a fighter gets knocked out by his opponent. It is clearly visible that the fighter who got knocked out is not in a condition to continue the fight. However, the referee did not intervene. The fans got enraged with the referee for being biased and putting the life of a fighter in danger.

Here is how fans reacted to the viral video:

One of the fans felt that they had bribed the referee.

Another fan felt hurt after watching the video.

One of the Twitter users felt sad about the fighter’s situation.

Another fan stated that the fighter’s corner should have done something.

One fan said that MMA has the worst referees.

Another fan made a sarcastic comment.

One fan said the referee might have mistaken it for a boxing match.

Most the fans hated the thoughtless move of the referee.


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The recent mistake of the referee at Fury FC 76

When an MMA fighter steps inside the octagon, they trade their life for the passion of fighting. The bouts inside the octagon are unpredictable; hence, it is hard for a referee to understand the next move of a fighter beforehand. However, if they are not able to make the right decision at the right time, it can cause career-ending injuries to an athlete. A similar situation took place when Dana White Contender Series star Edgar Chairez and Gianni Vazquez locked horns at Fury FC 76.

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When the bout entered the fourth round, Chairez trapped Vazquez in a tight arm triangle choke. This ended up with Vazquez going unconscious; however, the referee, Frank Collazo, didn’t notice this, and Chairez continued to choke the unconscious Vazquez. Later, he changed the choke to an armbar and held it until Vasquez was back to his senses and tapped.

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