Daniel Cormier was taken aback like a lot of people when the UFC 300 promo dropped on air. During the recently concluded UFC Atlantic City, the UFC decided to promote their upcoming mega event. However, it had an interesting twist in it.

Dana White and Co. created a montage of fantasy matchups to promote the rich history of the UFC. The fantasy matchups included Jon Jones vs. Chuck Liddell, Max Holloway vs B.J. Penn, Daniel Cormier vs. Mark Coleman, and many others. And in the montage was a diamond in the rough, but an imaginary one since the fight never really happened. Can you guess what it was?

That’s right, it was the bout between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson. A bout that was planned five times but never ended up happening. Either Nurmagomedov would pull out, or ‘El Cucuy’ would, all the way until ‘The Eagle’ finally retired after beating Justin Gaethje in 202o.


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Nurmagomedov once ended up in the hospital with sever complications while preparing for this fight. Later, it was Ferguson’s turn after he infamously tripped over some cables and injured his knee. And the biggest factor that cost the fans this bout – a global pandemic in 2o20. This was really a fight that was too good to happen.

This was only one among the many such faceoffs teased in the promo. The images showed some amazing fights, all of which never happened. The UFC 300 trailer put in a CGI Ferguson in the cage against Nurmagomedov about to touch gloves, as if portraying a fight that everyone desired but could never gain. Of course, fans and ‘DC’ were all equally upset about the promotional video.

Fans and Daniel Cormier lose it over Khabib Nurmagomedov promotional video

Daniel Cormier is one of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s closest associates. Of course, he knows the whole ordeal, perhaps better than anyone else. So when the fights never happened, he was shaken too. Unfortunately, now ‘The Eagle’ has retired and all anyone can do is dream of it all. And the dreams aren’t happy.

Some fans alleged that the video used post-prime Ferguson.

Others were just not happy with the way things happened.

One fan concluded that Ferguson would have won had the fight happened.

Others were with Daniel Cormier on his grief.


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Now, the clash between the lightweights was just one among the many fights that were not meant to be. Do you have any such fights in mind that you wish had taken place? What would you add to the list if you could make one more fight for UFC 300? Let us know in the comments.

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