“Dollar Store Conor”: Fans Up in Arms Against Conor McGregor’s Compatriot Ian Garry After His UFC 292 Press Conference Trash Talks Went Viral

Published 08/18/2023, 12:38 AM EDT

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The build-up to UFC 292 keeps adding to the buzz around the PPV at Boston. While the main event Bantamweight title clash between Sean O’Malley and champ Aljamain Sterling has already turned many heads, there is another bout that’s drawing the spotlight from the headliner. Guess what? We’re talking about the Welterweight clash between Neil Magny and Conor McGregors compatriot Ian ‘Machado’ Garry

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During the pre-fight press conference face-offs, the Irish fighter exchanged verbal jabs with Magny. Moreover, in his peculiar ‘Notorious’ style, Garry declared that he is the showstopper for the event. He voiced his belief that MMA fans will be tuning in to the event at five in the morning, just to watch the Irish ‘superstar’ in action. But his bold claims and smack talk have landed him in a tough spot with the community.

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After a snippet of his McGregor-style smack-talk went viral on social media, fans poured in with a frenzy of over-the-top comments. The popular sentiment among the netizens took an intriguing turn as they bashed ‘Machado’ for not having his own identity. Moreover, many compared him to a ‘Notorious’ rip-off and urged him to side-step his emulations. So, what do the fans have to say about the prodigious Irish fighter? Let’s find out!

Fans amplify criticism over Conor McGregor’s compatriot’s pre-fight actions

Ever since Garry drew the spotlight on him for all the wrong reasons, an outpouring of criticism underscores the fans’ opinions on ‘Machado.’ Amid the comments, a prevailing sentiment revolves around the notion that Garry needs to carve out his own identity rather than piggybacking on Conor McGregor’s persona.

One fan took it a step further, coining the term “Dollar store Conor with downs,” indicating that Garry’s attempts to emulate McGregor fall short and appear somewhat forced. 


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Another fan bashed ‘Machado,’ labeling him as “Bootleg McGregor,”

Fans are suggesting that for Garry to truly stand out and attain the status he desires, he must establish a distinct persona. Likewise, ‘Machado’ fans expressed,

“This guy really needs his own identity if he wants to be the superstar he claims he is.”

“The Conor imitations are super corny to me for some reason. Even when Paddy did it.”

Interestingly, the discussion doesn’t solely revolve around criticism. A netizen remarked, 

“I like him. But that was whack.”

Fans also point out that Garry’s emulation isn’t limited to his fighting style, as they declared,

“That character is already taken my man”


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“Is it me or did Ian’s accent thicken up a bit extra tonight!? Dude is cringy AF haha”

A user drew an amusing analogy, adding, “McGregor from Wish”

Lastly, another comment perfectly summed up the popular opinion, declaring, “Wants to be conor so bad!”


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In the end, while the fans’ reactions are varied, they collectively highlight the expectations and desires they have for fighters like Garry. The fans’ input serves as a reminder that authenticity, individuality, and originality are highly valued qualities in the world of mixed martial arts. Do you agree with the echoing fan sentiment about ‘Machado’s antics? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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