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Dwayne Johnson’s Presence In The Joe Rogan Experience Brutally Questioned By UFC Legend- “I Just Don’t Know What The Rock Was Doing”

Published 11/20/2023, 3:25 PM EST

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The Joe Rogan Experience got another A-list guest on the podcast. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, one of Hollywood’s biggest star,appeared on the JRE podcast last week. While the show was a hit and it made a lot of headlines, some people had mixed reactions to the former WWE star’s JRE appearance.

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And one of the people who was confused about their cordial and friendly conversation was the UFC commentator and UFC legend, Chael Sonnen. ‘The Bad Guy’ was so puzzled about why ‘The Rock’ would go on the podcast, given their history, that he made a truly astonishing conjecture.

Chael Sonnen sees Presidential run behind Dwayne Johnson JRE appearance


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Sonnen felt that the conversation between Dwayne Johnson and Joe Rogan was awkward. He had been critical of Rogan for not asking ‘The Rock’ about whether he takes PEDs. The podcast host has been critical of the Hollywood star of claiming his physique is all natural, which almost every expert disbelieves.

Sonnen was also furious about Johnson having chastised Rogan during the comedian’s n-word use scandal broke last year. The UFC commentator felt that Rogan refusing to address this was dishonest and not the right call on his part. And it was precisely this bad blood between the two that made Sonnen wonder about the intentions behind his appearance.


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Such confusions prompted the UFC commentator to make a truly astounding speculation about why ‘The Rock’ was on the podcast. The Oregonian felt this appearance was a run-up to a possible Presidential run by Johnson.

“Oh my God, it was so awkward. But why was he there? And no matter how mad you were at a guy, if that guy is one decision away from possibly being the President, you let him on your show. Now this is a hell of a speculation by me. I don’t have anything on it. I just don’t know what ‘The Rock’ was doing there,” he said. Though his claim may seem ludicrous, there is no concrete factual evidence about the same. The Rock, however, did mention the topic once.


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‘The Rock’ talks about being approached to run for President

The two guys started talking about politics as the Presidential election is approaching in 2024. Johnson disclosed that he was approached to run for the presidency last year by some people in the Democratic Party. He told Rogan that he was flattered, and it made him consider two possibilities: either the nation was in such terrible shape that a movie star was needed to lead it, or he possessed extraordinary leadership abilities.


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However, a number of celebrities from Hollywood and professional wrestling have entered the political sphere. While Glenn Jacobs, best known by his ring name “Kane,” is spending his second term as the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, Arnold Schwarzenegger was the governor of California from 2003 to 2011. Do you think Dwayne Johnson would agree to run for the President? Let us know in the comments below.

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