“Educate Yourself Before You Open the YAP” – Dana White Rudely Justifies $2K + $2K Fighter Pay For PowerSlap League

Published 01/30/2023, 5:12 AM EST

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Dana White’s ‘Power Slap: Road to the Title’ showed significant improvement in the number of viewers in the second week. However, it is a matter of concern whether the audience watched the show just out of interest as the show was receiving a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons. Many assert that it may simply be pure curiosity. The show’s violence received harsh criticism from fans of combat sports. This was followed by the athletes’ extremely low remuneration, which stunned spectators and other athletes. However, the UFC president is unconcerned by all the backlashes. He also has the ideal retort for any criticism fans may make on social media.

One of White’s responses, in particular, is grabbing the attention of the audience. White replied to a Twitter user who criticized the payment to the power slap contestants. The President confirmed that they pay less because, according to him, that’s the tradition, and they will follow the same!

Dana White has answers for it all


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Dana White and his team are following the same pattern they used in the UFC for the payment of the fighters. White finally acknowledged on Twitter that they only pay $2000 for competitors and an additional $2000 to win in the opening bout. When it was revealed how little they get paid, the internet as a whole was shocked.



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The fact that the combatants are underpaid despite putting their lives in danger was not easy for many to digest. The twitter user wrote “Road to the Title,” where you get 2k/2k and maybe 10k/10k if you win it all. As a reply to his sarcastic comment, White wrote “how MMA started too. Boxing undercards make this kind of money still. Educate yourself before you open the YAP”.


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Is power slapping gaining popularity?

In the opinion of those who enjoy combat sports, White’s comment was far too unfair, given how much time had elapsed. The netizens tried to mock White by reminding him that it’s not 1993 but 2023. Additionally, White compared the earnings of power slap fighters with those of boxing undercards. The crowd, however, finds it difficult to understand despite the President’s best efforts to persuade them.

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However, the Power Slap League is also becoming quite popular in its second week. Despite receiving a significant push from AEW, the show completely failed to capture viewers’ attention at its premiere. With only 2,95,000 views, the reality show generated the impression that it would be White’s worst business effort. The number of viewers, however, significantly increased in the second week. Nearly 4,13,000 spectators watched the show. The audience now has to wait to find out what the show has in store for the slap fighters.

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