The former UFC Strawweight champion, Jessica Andrade, looked noticeably smaller than her opponent, Erin Blanchfield when she moved to Flyweight for her UFC Vegas 69 bout. Blanchfield showcased her superb ground game, finishing Andrade in the second round of the bout. However, this is not the only instance where the 24-year-old has displayed her superb prowess on the ground.

The New Jersey native currently holds an undefeated record in the UFC with 5 straight wins over her Flyweight opponents. Blanchfield’s current overall MMA record stands at 11-1 and also serves as proof of her domination inside the cage. She is currently in the second year of her UFC tenure, which is why she is a rather unmapped face to date. But her superb in-octagon prowess has driven multiple UFC fans to know more about her.

Is Erin Blanchfield married?


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Well, it may be said that a lot of a large chunk of UFC fans will also fall for her pretty appearance apart from her awesome fight skills. In such a situation, it’s apparent that several of them will want to know about her relationship status.

They also might be pleased to hear that as of now, Blanchfield isn’t married. As far as reports say, she is currently focusing on achieving further heights in her MMA career. Her awesome prowess to date also indicates that she has all the required ingredients to make it right to the top of her division.

Does Erin Blanchfield have a boyfriend?

‘Cold Blooded’ stays pretty active on social media platforms, especially Instagram. She also boasts a commendable following of 113K and often provides her followers with updates from her daily life and outings. Her training and fight snaps and videos also form a large part of her Instagram content. Hence, it may be said that Blanchfield isn’t pretty different from other fighters when things come to Instagram.

But her Instagram lacks any such snap or video which might indicate she is in a relationship. The available reports about her also fail to provide any information about ‘Cold Blooded’s’ current relationship status.

Erin Blanchfield’s family

Blanchfield hails from Elmwood Park in New Jersey and was born on 4 May 1999. Her parents, George and Betsy Blanchfield, decided to get her into martial arts at the early age of seven. She started with Jiu-Jitsu and developed commendable skills in the discipline. After five years of her journey in martial arts, Blanchfield made up her mind to become a professional mixed martial artist.


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Although there are no reports to confirm, we may assume that her family has a knack for martial arts. Blanchfield has a sibling named Brendan, who is also an MMA fighter. The martial arts culture in Blanchfield’s family may have influenced her parents to get both of their kids into the same from a tender age.

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As per ‘Sherdog’, ‘Cold Blooded’s’ brother, Brendan Blanchfield is currently an amateur fighter and holds a record of 1-1 in his two fights. However, the 24-year-old also had the desire to become a commentator at one stage of her life. She got into Montclair State University for a degree in Television and Digital Media with a concentration in sports media.


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But she couldn’t resist her initial dream of becoming a professional fighter one day. After a single bout for Cage Fury Fighting Championships, she joined the noted women-only fight promotion, ‘Invicta FC’. Her then record of 7-1 easily caught the eyes of the UFC scouts and she finally entered the promotion in 2021. But, we must not forget that it was Blanchfield’s family’s initiative of getting her into martial arts early that helped her achieve this stature today.