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A major disappointment for fans, the super fight between Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic won’t headline the upcoming UFC 295 event. Instead, rising heavyweight contenders Sergei Pavlovich and Tom Aspinall will lock horns in what many believe is a fight for the number one contender spot. It’s an exciting matchup nonetheless, but it doesn’t quite carry the same caliber as Jones vs. Miocic would have had.

However, despite the recent cancellation, all is not lost for the fans, as Dana White has promised that the bout will take place sometime in 2024. The reason why Miocic was not pitted against any other fighter, despite Jones pulling out of the fight, is that according to White, neither fighter deserves anything less than the other. White isn’t alone in this regard, as ‘Bones’ also doesn’t seem keen on accepting any other matchup. And it looks like one of his former foes might know the reason.

Daniel Cormier reveals the real reason why Jon Jones wants only Miocic

After teasing a move to heavyweight for years, Jon Jones finally made his move to heavyweight earlier this year with his shocking first-round finish of Ciryl Gane. Since then, speculations have been made about his next opponent. But the former champion is adamant about not taking any fight besides the divisional GOAT, Stipe Miocic. This is disappointing for fans who had been anticipating a matchup between him and the emerging talents such as Tom Aspinall and Sergei Pavlovich. However, Jones doesn’t seem keen on taking this route.

This is something that the former light-heavyweight king revealed during his time on the OverDogs Podcast in August. Now, weeks after these words went public, Jones’ former rival, Daniel Cormier, has come forward with his opinion on the matter. According to Cormier, he understands Jones’s decision not to fight these emerging talents. If ‘DC’ is to be believed, at 36, Jones has more to lose than gain from these matchups. Further, the former NCAA wrestler supported ‘Bones’ decision to face the 42-year-old Miocic instead.

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“I don’t blame him to say I’m mid-30s now, and I gotta fight these young dudes because, guess what, Jon, uh, guys, it would be the exact opposite of what Jon was doing,” said ‘DC.’ These words came during Cormier’s recent appearance on ESPN MMA along with Chael Sonnen. Both Cormier and Sonnen had fought Jones, and at that time, both DC and Sonnen were in their mid to late 30s going up against a young Jon Jones. However, according to the Louisiana native, this is not something Jones wants to do, and he instead wants to face an ‘older’ Miocic.

Despite six straight first-round finishes, Chael Sonnen prefers Tom Aspinall over Sergei Pavlovich

Later in the interview, the two men revealed their picks for the man with more impressive feats. According to Chael Sonnen, it is Tom Aspinall. If Sonnen is to be believed, the Englishman has ‘managed’ his career better than the Russian. It is due to this, ‘The American Gangster’ prefers him.

For those unaware, Pavlovich was the backup fighter for Jones vs. Miocic. But when Jones pulled out, the Moscow native agreed to take on Aspinall instead of Miocic. This, according to Sonnen, is the reason why he prefers the English native. And this may be an indication of whom he prefers to face Jon Jones if he has to.

Do you agree with Chael Sonnen? Is Tom Aspinall a better choice than Sergei Pavlovich? Let us know in the comments.

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