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Fan-Favorite Jon Anik Reveals Dana White Can Fire Him “Anytime” but He Has Joe Rogan’s “Support”

Published 01/20/2023, 12:50 PM EST

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UFC is home to several talented fighters. Even more so, it is home to an amazing non-fighting team. Here, we are referring to the team that does not step into the octagon to fight. This team works behind the scenes for the most part of the streaming. UFC is made special with the help of this non-fighting team. Such people include everyone from the commentators to the announcer, from technical staff to the helper staff, etc. The UFC has two of the most remarkable commentators when it comes to combat sports. While Joe Rogan is a color commentator, we can hear Jon Akin’s voice during the play-by-play commentary.

America’s Favorite Video Today

Akin is one of the best names among all the commentators. The voice of the UFC bouts commentates on the match as it is happening live. Although it is pretty evident that the 44-year-old is loaded with an efficient skill set and knows what he is doing, he is sure that Dana White can fire him at any moment.


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Jon Akin & Joe Rogan are surely the best of buddies

In a recent video interview, Jon Akin came and shared his thoughts. The episode was from a YouTube show called Food Truck Diaries, hosted by ex-UFC fighter Brendan Schaub. In the episode, the American fighter and the UFC commentator had a delightful hour-long conversation. In the middle of it, Akin mentioned his valid fear that White actually may fire him any time he wants to.

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The American also commented how having his fellow commentator Joe Rogan by his side just makes him feel better at all times. “There’s just such a different dynamic when he is there,Jon Akin added.


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It is heartwarming to see the bond that the two. The commentator even went ahead to show his gratitude for his friend by saying, “Certainly having Joe’s support, because the thing is like we want Joe for the long term, and it just feels bigger and better when he’s there.


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Will Jon Akin have to leave the UFC soon?

Although it is pretty clear that Akin believes in himself and the promotion. He reinstates that he won’t be fired unless he delivers continuous 4-5 bad shows in a row. This seems highly unlikely for the talented fellow that he is. “One thing I think we all know about Dana White is that if I have a few bad shows in a row, he won’t hesitate to get rid of me. I need to earn that seat,” added Jon Akin.

The commentator mentioned that with ESPN; he had job security, however; he doesn’t have it with UFC. It is mentioned in a clause in his contract. According to it, Akin can be fired “without cause at anytime”. The 44-year-old assured that only UFC has this clause by saying, “that’s sort of unique for sports broadcasters.”


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We certainly hope and pray that we don’t get a replacement for Akin’s iconic commentary. Is he foreshadowing his leave from the UFC?

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