UFC Fight Pass Invitational 3, a pro-grappling event, is being held at UFC Apex in Las Vegas with an exciting prize of $25,000 in the line. With the featherweight match between Miesha Tate and Bia Mesquita ending in the latter’s favor, the entire focus was on the main “superfight” between Gordon Ryan and Nick Rodriguez. And the results are here. Gordon Ryan, 27, a.k.a, “The King” has further exceeded his reign in the territory and defeated Nick Rodriguez, 26, a.k.a “Nicky Rod”.

The fight started off guns blazing from both the ends, but it didn’t go the way many Gordon Ryan fans may have thought. Although the 27-year-old had an upper hand at times. By the end of it, Nick Rodriguez seemed to have almost dominated “The King”. It wasn’t an easy fight for Ryan. The 26-year-old certainly proved to be quite a handful for “The King”.


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Ryan even tapped to Rodriguez at the conclusion of the third round, but by then the fight had gone into overtime. In the end, it was Gordon Ryan who walked away with the victory at the UFC Fight Pass International 3.

Fans reacted to Gordon Ryan prevailing against Nick Rodriguez

A number of fans showered praises at Ryan‘s victory at the UFC Fight Pass.

Social media users shared their opinions about the fight.

A fan called Ryan a ‘monster’.

Additionally, many fans talked about how the fight almost turned against “The King”.

A fan felt Gordon Ryan got saved.

A particular fan had a lot of faith in Gordon Ryan.


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It certainly was very close to comfort for Ryan by the end of the fight, but he prevailed regardless. After all, there is a reason why he is called the greatest. With this victory, “The King” now stands at an incredible record of 153-9-3 where in Nick Rodriguez is at 37-8-2.

With this victory, the 27-year-old has once again certified his position as a world class grappler. Now it would be interesting to see what’s next for “The King”. Maybe we can see him enter the UFC after all? We don’t know yet, but the idea of Ryan competing in the UFC certainly has a nice ring to it.

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Ryan most definitely merits the moniker “The King”. What do you think of this razor-sharp win of him against Nick Rodriguez? Let us know in the comments.

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